Wednesday, September 15, 2004  

Great Weather

Today's weather is what I would consider perfect... although it is decidedly NOT perfect for what I have to do. It's gently raining, and it's in the cool 60s. It's perfect weather to have a movie marathon and knit, or to read an entire book without getting up from the couch, or snuggle with a kitty. Or maybe all 3. It is NOT, however, the perfect weather to walk to school in flip flops and linen capris, paired with my nice lime-green tank.

remember this one?

But I was smart enough to bring a jacket, and I made a pilgrimage to *$ to get a gigantic chai. And yes, I had listened to the weather forcast both last night and this morning, but decided to go with the cute tank and capris anyway. Why? Because one of my law school classes is being taped today by a french tv show (supposedly it's the french version of 20/20)... and I thought a lime green handknit tank was just the thing to wow those french viewers who for some reason are interested in a 1L torts class.

as an aside, the reason they're interested is that my professor is the "sue McDonalds" man, and so he gets a lot of attention internationally for the "stupid ways Americans use lawsuits"... it's pretty interesting.

So, if any of you are in france, and routinely watch "some show that's like 20/20" ... then at some point in the next few weeks? months? you might see my class, and you'll probably see my lime green tank. (talk about a great promotion! i should get a job promoting shows for the networks!)

So if I survive the excitement of the tv crews, I get to go over to Knit Happens and knit with the girls. It looks like the rain will prevent me from riding my bike, but it'll take a lot more than a few showers to keep me away! :)

And on the knitting content front, I finished the back of Trinity (pictures forthcoming), and cast on for the front. Unfortunately, Trinity won't be coming with me to knitting night as I'm knitting it off of a 2 lb cone of yarn, and that's a lot to lugg around. So I'll be working on the socks for the boyfriend instead - I've re-knit the tops now 3 times in an effort to get them to fit properly, and I think I've got it. So hopefully I can finally finish the first sock (for the 3rd time), and power through the second. :)


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