Thursday, September 02, 2004  

Woo Hoo!!

I finally made it to knit night over at knit happens... it was exactly what I needed- a night off with some great gals and some knitting time. Plus, one of the gals in my section here at good ol' GW Law is ALSO a knitter... so I'm encouraging her to come join me either this friday for knit n' nosh or for one of the Wednesdays. Hopefully she'll join in- I guess she has a friend in Alexandria who is also a knitter, so maybe they'll BOTH come. :)

I went swimming again this morning - it was lovely, although I didn't push myself quite as hard as I did on Monday. I actually kept track of how much I swam, and my plan is to keep increasing each time until I'm up to a more reasonable workout. I'm feeling pretty good- although for the rest of the day my hair and skin will smell like chlorine. I think it takes about 3 showers before I stop smelling like the pool. I just hope my hair doesn't turn green!

My goal this weekend is to actually take some PICTURES of my knitting- seeing as this is obstensibly a knitting blog and all. But since I seem to be typing most of my entries on study breaks at school, I don't happen to have my camera with me. {sigh}.

Well, it's back to criminal law... we're learning about voluntary acts. Right now, my voluntary act would be to curl up on the comfy leather couches in the lounge and take a nap. ;)


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