Monday, May 02, 2005  

Finals Suck

I think my brain is broken from all this studying. Proof? This morning, I took a netflix dvd out of the player, placed it carefully in its envelope, sealed it, and headed towards the door. 20 minutes later, I arrived at school, and had NO IDEA what happened to the dvd. Did I mail it? Don't know! Did I drop it? Possibly! Did aliens descend from the sky, take it, and fly away in a magical, silvery spaceship? Could be!

My brain is definitely DEFINITELY broken.

Luckily, my brain was still functioning (barely) last Wednesday for "Harlot Night" at Knit Happens - and I managed to take a break, drive over, and knit up a storm, all while getting my book signed by the Harlot herself!

A good time was had by all - including Kristine, who celebrated day 2 of her birthday with an extra-cute balloon. I swear, despite my atrocious lack of camera skills, that she loved the balloon. Really.

Even more exciting than the balloon? I ACTUALLY KNIT SOMETHING! Here's Mom's Latvian Mitten #1, in all its glory -

And, as of Thursday morning, here was Mitten #2.

Wanna see the mittens today?

And here they are all pinned out on the blocking "floor" -

The astute among you will notice that there are no thumbs. This is, in fact, true. Not only did I not want to knit the thumbs, but I also wanted to block out the thumb-hole so that the mittens wouldn't pinch - a slight problem with my first pair. plus, it's MUCH easier to block the mitten bodies by themselves since the thumbs just get in the way.

I guess since the mittens are drying, I'll have to go back to Mariah - and hopefully fix the (*##(@*&$ front!

oh, right, but first I should study. Only 2 more exams to go - I'm done on Thursday, and what better way to celebrate being done than with a road trip to Sheep and Wool! :)


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