Sunday, May 08, 2005  

Sheepie Goodness

warning - many photos ahead!

Yesterday, I joined up with the Irregulars and headed up to Howard County for the world-famous Maryland Sheep and Wool... the perfect way to begin my recovery from my last final on Thursday. Despite Kristine's best efforts to set a new land-speed record on 270N, we did NOT get pulled over, and arrived about 9, just as the doors were opening... and already there was quite a line of cars waiting to get in. While we were waiting for our turn, we did our best to piss off the person behind our little caravan. Here's Kristine, Cindy, and Aimee saying hi through the sunroof - later on, other finger signals were involved, but unfortunately, those did not get photographed!

First Up - Adorably Cute Animals

We saw bunnies:

And lambs:

And sheepies:

And Llamas:

And Alpacas:

And Doggies:

And finally, the most adorable 4 month old border collie named "Fat Louie" - we're pretty sure Shanti didn't bring him home, but we didn't actually inspect her backpack when we left...

We also saw the extremely rare Mega-Mullet - a subspecies of Mulletus Manus. Rarely do you see such an impressive Mullet in the wild...

Of course, we also saw a few people!

But really, I was there for the yarn...

First, from Brooks Farm - destined (I think) for a v-neck pullover of some kind...

Then, some luscious Tess' Designer Yarn in an amazingly rich, vibrant green that refuses to photograph in either natural OR artificial light - it's going to be an aran when it grows up.

And finally, some amazing Cormo sheepie goodness - also destined to be an aran. This stuff is so soft that I just want to pile it on my bed and sleep in it!

I also saw an extremely ironic sign in front of a booth filled with fuzzy, acrylic novelty yarn -

it says "life is too short to knit with ugly yarn." I wholeheartedly agree, so I didn't shop at that booth!

And finally, proof that Shanti has gone over to the dark side -

and just for you, Phyl-Phyl....


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