Monday, June 27, 2005  

The Never-Ending Hood

I've been re-knitting the hood for Pines for approximately the last 2.5 billion years. Seriously, this thing is going on forever! Part of the problem is that the original hood is supposed to be 11ish inches long. Fine. But the NEW hood has to be longer since my raglan shaping modifications widened the neckline quite a bit and the hood has to make up the difference. {sigh}

I'm hoping that I'm almost done, though, since this is all the yarn I have left from the ripping-out fiesta -

I have a couple of extra balls in the drawer somewhere too, so yarn is not a problem (thankfully) - but still, I think the new sweater shouldn't take any more yarn than the old sweater. (Plus, I'm getting really really tired of knitting this hood!)

After I finally finish Pines and sew up all her seams, I need to finish up Mariah - by re-knitting the *(#@&$(*@#&$(# front that I screwed up the first time. But once she AND Pines are done, then I get to go find (or order) zippers for both of them, and drop them off at the nice tailor's shop for zipper installation, since I hate sewing in zippers! :)

And my reward if I'm a good girl and finish both zipper-sweaters? I get to use this stash yarn:

to start on Trellis!!! :) The yarn is cotton ease in pink, and mission falls cotton in magenta - both discontinued, so I hope I'll have enough! I'm going to take StitchinGirl's advice and forego the sleeve shaping - I'll just pick up around the armhole and knit down, and I'll probably make the sleeves shorter. I'm still not sure exactly how I'll incorporate the magenta yarn - I'm thinking I'll use it as edging on all the sleeves - I'd like to knit all of the borders in it, but I'm not sure I'll have enough yarn. I guess I can try it on one of the fronts and see how much it uses up... my other idea was to crochet an edge all the way around the buttonbands and the collar, and put cute little stripes at the bottom and top of the ribbing sections on the sleeves and body. Hmmmm... ;)

I'm also working on another pair of Knit Happens baby socks since mine have been donated to the shop. Apparently, if you don't have a baby handy to try them on, they work well as water-bottle decorations:

In other news, despite the high temps in DC this weekend, I took a nice long walk to feed the geese some stale bread - they got a little bit pushy with each other, and actually would bite other geese on the bum to get them out of the way (is that where "goosing someone" came from?)

And on the way back from the walk, I saw a magnificent blue herron -

Well, off to run some errands before the rain hits!


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