Tuesday, June 21, 2005  

Pulling a Kristine?

So this weekend, I got together with some great law school friends to jointly celebrate birthdays. We went out for Mexican, had a few margaritas, and then retired to the outdoor patio to enjoy the amazingly refreshing 70 degree weather. Me? After eating a full dinner, drinking plenty of water, and having only 1 margarita, I decided to faint. Repeatedly (although I think the repeat performance had something to do with the fact that the well-meaning and extremely helpful friends kept standing me up!). Now, I'm pretty sure that there is NOTHING WRONG... I have pretty low blood pressure in general, and I'm sure it just dipped too much for some reason, and out I went. Once I sat down in the cab, and then lay down in my bed, I felt MUCH better, and there have been no repeats. But just to be sure, I went to the extra-crappy student health center to get checked out (I'm still waiting on the lab results).

Let me just say, for the record, that I HATE when health care practitioners assume that, either because of my age or my sex or both, I am an idiot when it comes to my health. I understand that this particular doctor, working as she does at the student health center, is used to dealing with extremely clueless undergrads. But come on! Here's the list of things she assumed about me without actually bothering to ask the appropriate questions:
  1. Because I am young and NOT on birth control pills, I must be irresponsible, and probably fainted because I am pregnant. I got to tell her 3 times that first, I was not pregnant, and second, I will no longer take hormonal birth control because of my strong family history of breast cancer, and the fact that, despite conflicting evidence about increased risks, it is not worth it.

  2. Because I am young and doubtless incapable of feeding myself properly, I am anemic. When I told her that I had given blood last week, at first she didn't believe that they had taken my blood. Imagine her surprise when I assured her AGAIN that yes, they did take it because I WAS NOT ANEMIC.

  3. Because I am a woman, I cannot drink. SHE ACTUALLY SAID "I'm sure it was the alcohol- us women can't really drink." Um, IT WAS ONE DRINK, over 2 hours prior to fainting. If I fainted each time I had 1 drink, I should be fainting 3 or 4 times a week.

Luckily, I am seeing a different doctor for follow-up tomorrow. Ironically, I agree with Dr. Idiot that there's nothing wrong with me - but I don't agree that she can assume that I'm pregnant, then anemic, and then incapable of having one drink without hitting the floor.

GRRRR... I'm getting frustrated just thinking about it!

So as a distraction, here are the world's cutest socks -

Now, they're so cute because they're so little. Otherwise, they're no different from big people socks. But somehow, in miniature, they make even the most grumpy person melt and start to go all gooey. Plus, you can finish a pair in a day or so! I'm planning 3 more pairs - one pair for a baby shower this weekend, 1 more pair for my CA friend, and 1 pair of Knit Happens socks for the shop, since they are irresistably cute. :)

Speaking of cute, Cricket is trying to strike a balance between "work" and "rest" -


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