Thursday, June 09, 2005  

Ways to Avoid Writing a Memo, Part I

Last weekend, while avoiding RESEARCHING for said memo, beloved roommate and I wandered over to Old Navy - I stocked up on flip flops. I mean, 2/$5 for the best summer footwear ever! :) Plus, I found quite possibly the most amazingly comfortable yoga pants imaginable. I may never wear "real clothes" again - just yoga pants and flip flops. Oh, and maybe a shirt would be a good idea...

But ANYWAY, while checking out with said stash of flip-flops, I saw the cutest little notebook for a whopping $1. It is destined to become the next knotebook -

I mean, check out the great surfing pics inside! No, surfing and knitting aren't really related in any way I can think of, and no, I actually DON'T surf, despite spending 4 years in Santa Cruz, CA. But the images are so cool!

And next in the serious of things that aren't related to my memo assignment OR knitting, I present this summer's garden - I actually planted it last week, but neglected to take a picture. Here we have the baby tomato plants - last year, the squirrels ate all my tomatoes, so I kept having to pick them extra-green. But then I discovered that green tomato salsa is REALLY good with black bean soup, so all was not lost. However, this year, I would really appreciate it if the squirrels would eat something else. I might have to send Cricket to enforce!

Also, the herb collection has been pruned, repotted, and supplemented. In the big pots, we have basil, rosemary, sage, and oregano. In the little pots, thyme and peppermint. All have grown alarmingly in the last week - it might have something to do with the 90+ degree weather, the extreme humidity, and the almost-nightly torrential downpours. At least the squirrels seem to leave the herbs alone!

And now, some almost knitting! I'm actually cruising along nicely on Pines, The Sequel - but I still have quite a ways to go before it is a sweater again. The proof? Even after using up 2 whole balls of yarn that I ripped out, here is the remaining ripped-out yarn still to be re-knit:

And for those from Late Night who wondered what kind of yarn I used for Pines? Here's the label - I believe that it came from Elann, at least a year ago - not sure if they still carry it. It's the same yarn I used for Rogue -

And in defense of my procrastinating, sorry-a$$ed self and my lack of progress on my first assignment for my professor - let me just show you what my desk looked like this morning when I sat down to get to work.

Pay attention to me! Why aren't you paying attention to me? Do I have to bite you? Wouldn't you rather pet a sun-warmed kitty than type a stupid paper?


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