Sunday, July 10, 2005  

Beautiful Weekend

It's amazingly beautiful outside, and I'm stuck at my desk attempting to be productive. {sigh}. But I'm supposed to be working 20 hours a week for my professor, and last week I spent almost 30 hours at either the regular or online store, so I wasn't as productive as I should have been. And now I get to make up for it!

Speaking of the online store, we're getting the fall yarns in too - luckily, I don't have to unpack them. The lovely, talented, and WAY too busy Kristine said to wait until she got back to unpack anything. No arguments here - there are 30 of those huge boxes stacked up!

Of course, one downside to spending so much time surrounded by all the yummy knitting yarns and books is that I find myself wanting to buy things. Meet the newest (and most coveted) addition to the amazon wishlist:

This book, which I snagged from Kristine's in-shop library, passed the 3+ projects test - there are at LEAST 3 patterns in it that I really really want to knit for myself (plus an amazing guy's Aran, and several adorable kids' patterns.)

First, I want to knit this:

And I REALLY want to knit this:

And I almost bought the yarn to knit this!

Of course, no yarn or book purchasing will happen if the whole WORK thing doesn't get going. The "work on your own schedule" is fantastic, and I really love the freedom - but I don't love it when I'm bad about putting in the time, and find myself with an entire weekend of work that I've neglected.

Something that was NOT neglected was poor little Scannie, who had to suffer through almost an entire week without her Mommy. Luckily, I was occassionally able to bring over reinforcements, so that she could get double the snuggles... I don't think she suffered TOO much (despite what she would say when I would come over!)

And to prove that there's a good side to almost everything, Cricket would like to demonstrate the best way to utilize a desk. She notes that laptops allow for more room, and that the important papers should be stacked neatly on one side (that way she won't have to stretch out too much to cover all of them!)


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