Monday, July 18, 2005  


My DSL is FINALLY connected. I think it ACTUALLY should have been connected last week, but the people at Verizon insisted I had to wait until today. My wireless card is still acting strange, but I'm connecting wirelessly, so I'll wait until next time I head to campus and have the tech guys there make sure it'll connect with the school network ok.

In the meantime, it works. Just in time, too, because I really need to work on the Fall Interview Program for school. I'm shooting for 20-25 bids before I'm done (which hopefully will equal 10-15 interviews). Tonight I plan to upload my resume, and enter in the "for sure" bids... and then take stock. Hopefully I'll finish up with all my bid selections tomorrow. :)

But in more exciting news, I got my second secret pal present this weekend!!!!

From the top right corner counterclockwise:
  • I haven't tried the tea yet (sweet pear and honey) because it's approximately 2 billion degrees outside, with 99.9999999% humidity. (but don't worry - the 'heat advisory' is due to expire at 8 pm - TOMORROW. OUCH!). But the tea smells fabulous, and the packaging (a small paint can) is brilliant.
  • Then there's the list of really yummy sounding recipes. Unfortunately, all seem to require turning on the oven, or stove, or some such other heating-of-food device, and (see above). :)
  • Next up is a great mix cd - it's heading to my car as we speak. Unfortunately, as my secret pal realized AFTER she'd mailed the package, the cd also says her name and blog address. Since otherwise there'd be no surprises at the "reveal," I'm not letting myself visit her blog yet. It's taking a lot of self-control! :)
  • Then there's the beautiful card....
  • And here's where it got dangerous. In the two plastic containers were espresso brownies and cookies with daim bar bits and walnuts. Since I don't like coffee, my boyfriend valiently stepped in to rescue me from the dangerous espresso brownies. He mumbled something about "wow, yummy," but it was hard to understand because he was stuffing his face with the brownies. The cookies looked especially volatile, so I went ahead and ate them all in one sitting - I didn't want to give them time to plot. They were SO good. But the highlight was to be found in the ziplock baggie - SOUR CHERRY PECAN BISCOTTI. They didn't stand a chance, and were so amazingly yummy that I need to beg my secret pal for the recipe, because I could happily survive on sour cherry pecan biscotti to the exclusion of (almost) every other food. In fact, I really wish I hadn't eaten them all, because then I could eat some now. ;)

And there was more excitement this weekend - I finished Lacy!!! The sleeves ended up too long, but they look fine rolled, and I'm hoping I can block the lace pattern OUT, which should help to shorten the sleeves a bit.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the design, except for the sleeve length. And, as an added bonus, the sleeve cap shaping all worked out perfectly - despite the fact that the body's gauge was different from the sleeve gauge.

But I'm not the only one knitting around here... a certain someone is making great progress on his very own, custom-designed mittens! The irregulars were extremely impressed - his first real project, and on dpn's with increases, decreases, and ribbing!

Since I found myself without a project (and after doing all the finishing on Lacy, I couldn't bear the idea of working on neckbands, or armbands, or all the other details I need to work on to finish my dad's vest, or Mariah (who I'm still not speaking with), so I dragged out a REALLY old project and sized it up.

Remember Trinity? That I last worked on in OCTOBER????? I finished both the front and back, but refused to swim out to sleeve island. Well, last weekend, I dove in, and am cruising along on the first sleeve. When you've already knit the front and back, there's a lot of satisfaction to getting so much done on a project - I'll be finished in no time! :)

Cricket, while impressed with the huge cone of yarn that I'm using to knit Trinity, has decided that, despite the air conditioning, it's just too hot to move.


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