Sunday, August 07, 2005  

A Busy Weekend

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I spent much of the day at the animal shelter where he volunteers. He's been trying to get me to volunteer too, but I explained that, as selfish as it may be, I really can't volunteer, because it makes me so sad when I have to leave all the little guys at the shelter when I come home. I'd totally be the volunteer who got busted with kittens down her shirt and a puppy in my purse.

I think he knows what I mean now - because, well, before we left, he'd put in an application to adopt Abby - he walks her all the time, and always talks about her. See, poor Abby only has 3 legs (not that she lets that slow her down!), and is really sweet. But the heartbreaker is that whenever she gets to go out and play in the doggie park area, she REFUSES to come back to her kennel. She'll sit down, and then lie down, and then try desperately to sneak out the door once you've carried her back and placed her in her kennel. And what does she do when she escapes? She sits on your lap and gives you kisses.

So hopefully Abby will leave the kennel for the last time next week.

In other happy news, I'm just about finished knitting the felted messenger bag - I should be able to felt it this afternoon at my parent's house. :)

I also bought another small project bag (who doesn't need another small project bag?) that is perfect for the current socks-in-progress - plus, it was 20% off, and Holly and Kristine said I could take it home and keep it. ;)


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