Wednesday, August 03, 2005  

The Magic of Felting

While my parents are enjoying a romp through the Pacific Northwest, I get to spend each Sunday with Grandma, the cat, and some laundry. My parents' cat is seriously strange - he spends virtually all of his time outside, but he's so scared of everything that he barely lets anyone get near enough to pet him. But once he DOES start getting pet, he won't let you stop! I forced him to stay inside for a few hours last weekend so I could be sure he was actually eating something - sometimes I feel like the neighborhood cats all eat his food when we have to leave it outside for him. Even though he complained almost non-stop about being forced to spend time in the comfortable air-conditioned house, he finally settled down for a little bath and nap:

Meanwhile, I finally got it together and brought over 3 pairs of new jeans that needed a rinse and Sophie! After I finally figured out how to get the water hot enough on my mom's washer, Sophie went from this:

To this! I used a huge roll of trashbags to shape the bag while it dried, and I LOVE it!!! I've been using it since it dried on Sunday evening. :)

And now I think I may have a problem - I just bought the yarn and cast on for the small messenger bag from the latest Knitty - I'm hoping to have it finished by Sunday for more felting. Or maybe by next weekend.

I'm also really close to finishing the assembly on Brownie - I have to finish sewing in both sleeves, and then sew up the sleeve seams. After that, hopefully a good steam blocking will get the collar to lie flat, and another sweater will be ready for a zipper!

In the meantime, I'm cruising right along on the latest pair of socks. I think, with school set to ramp up in the next few weeks, that it's time to ease into some nice, easily finished projects so I don't get bogged down too much when I lose all of my free time.

Speaking of finished projects, I finally updated galleries of the 2004 and 2005 finished projects - links are on the sidebar.


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