Wednesday, September 14, 2005  

Finally Fixing Mariah

Some of you may remember Mariah... the sweater that was totally finished - except for the tiny problem with one front being about an inch longer than the other.

Well, for the longest time, I haven't been speaking with Mariah. First, I tried to cut back, unravel the entire front, and reknit. Except I forgot to do the waist shaping. So I cut AGAIN, unravelled AGAIN, and reknit. And still screwed up the shaping. So I unravelled again. Then I seemed to actually be doing it right, but when I got to the bottom cable/rib section, I was so not in the mood to make sure I did all the cabling correctly knitting from the top-down instead of the bottom-up, so Mariah spent a good solid couple of months enjoying the hospitality of the "knitting projects" drawer on my nightstand.

Well, since I now have 2 other sweaters waiting for her to be finished so they can all go get zippers, I decided it was time to knit those last 52 rows, sew a seam, graft some underarm stitches, and call it a day. And what better day than FOOTBALL DAY?

I was all prepared -

TV with Redskins game on? CHECK.

All of my notes on the pattern, row counter, various notions, needles, and Mariah herself? CHECK.

Fuzzy kitty-butt completely covering the instructions? CHECK.

D'oh! So I didn't finish fixing Mariah on Sunday - I still have about 12 rows to go before she's done. We have a date for tomorrow. Oh, and if you were feeling sorry for her that she spent so much time stuffed unceremoniously in a drawer? Don't. That little hussy decided that the needles I had knit the entire rest of the sweater with were now too big, and she made me rip back and restart the cable section with smaller needles.

My other current project, the Amble socks, are MUCH better behaved. I've finished the first sock, and am at the heel of the second. The pattern came from the Six Socks Knitalong - although truthfully, all I'm using from the pattern is the pattern chart - I'm doing my standard short-row toe-up socks. I really love these, and am pretty sad that they're going to my friend - but that just makes me think I may need to buy more yarn and make a pair for myself!

I would probably have already finished these, but my knitting time is a little curtailed lately - last week, when I went to Late Night, I found that someone had other ideas about what I should be doing with my hands -

Cricket, on the other hand, wishes that I would keep knitting - she's running out of projects to sleep on!


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