Wednesday, December 21, 2005  

Baby Snuggles

Finals - well, they're over. So that's good. And immediately afterwards, I headed to the airport to fly off to Southern California.

And for some reason, I felt like knitting lace. So here is what the lace looked like at Dulles Airport at 530 in the morning when I left.

And here is what the lace looked like when I got there. Someone thought that the lace was a kitty toy, and was very sad to hear that he was mistaken.

Luckily, the other kitty figured out that knitting is a SEDENTARY activity, and took full advantage of having someone in the house who didn't have to jump up every time that little small one made noise.

But that little small one? SO cute. Meet Lindsay - she's almost 10 weeks old, and is such a little sweetie. Here she is having a nice stretch after waking up from her nap -

and here she is hanging out with her Auntie Maevie. Look at that bright red hair!

And what does she do when she sees Mommy taking the picture? BIG GRIN!

But alas, I could only get 4 days of baby-snuggles in before I had to take the lace to Long Beach Airport, where I risked the wrath of the TSA in order to get a picture. (the things one does for one's blog!)

When I got home, I got to work on finishing the last of the Christmas knitting - my dad's vest. I finally finished knitting it in, oh May. And then finished the armbands and neckband a week ago. Right before I left, I blocked the *#@#$ out of it:

But I think it turned out well!

I still have to tack down the steeks, but then it'll be done, and ready to wrap and stick under the tree for Sunday.

And the lace? It's getting bigger! Of course, being lace, it looks rather like a crumpled piece of crap. But I have faith, and the committee seems to support my efforts, so we'll see how it turns out.


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