Tuesday, December 27, 2005  

When The Inmates Take Over...

Since Kristine is busy taking London by storm, I've been moonlighting at the Shop ...

Last Wednesday, Phyl-Phyl and Wendy stopped by. In this picture, everything looks normal. Until you realize that Phyl-Phyl is attempting to cut her hair with BLADELESS SCISSORS. But, despite being completely useless, the scissors were ORANGE.

The descent into madness continued as Phyl-Phyl worked on a bulky alpaca hat - and realized that she could try it on as she went. The honkin' huge bamboo needles made a nice accessory.

With the hat completed, out came the aforementioned orange scissors for another trial run. Maybe their orange-ness had overcome the lack of any sharp cutting surface?

Even Wendy couldn't resist taking pictures of Phyl-Phyl in action. Who needs TV when you have Phyl-Phyl and Her Useless Orange Scissors?

But it wasn't until Wendy showed Phyl-Phyl how to make a pompom that things got out of control. To properly appreciate THIS moment, you have to think back to those old horror movies. Remember the stock character of the Mad Scientist, who laughed insanely whenever one of his creations lived?

Think about the sound of that insane laughter.

Yeah. Exactly.

For the grand finale, Phyl-Phyl put together a little number we like to call "crazy woman wearing a Quivit scarf, alpaca-silk bucket hat, and bulky hat with pompom."

And now for something completely different!

I had a LOVELY Christmas with the family - I was doggy sitting as well, so Abby came with me for all the festivities. And don't tell Mom, but she had some ham!

First, there was football. Abby is learning to become a Redskins fan, although she was quite overwhelmed by the excitement of the game.

Then Christmas morning came. We're not sure if Abby ever had a Christmas with a family before, but she seemed to get the hang of it. She wasn't entirely sure what was going on, so she decided to hang out with Grandma and see what everyone was doing.

Then, after a BIG breakfast (don't tell Mom - she had some smoked salmon!), it was time for the traditional Christmas nap.

Next up on the list - making a festive fire. Abby helped by taking a nap.

And it hasn't been all napping around here - I finally figured out what my Brook's Farm Four Play yarn from Sheep & Wool wanted to be when it grew up -

I'll write up more details later, but I am VERY pleased with how this is turning out. See? I even finished the collar! Just two more sleeves, some minor finishing work, and I'll have another sweater - I'm aiming for the end of the week.

Really, I shouldn't post this picture - Cricket may never forgive me. But when a cat FALLS ASLEEP in mid-bath, it's pretty funny, and that's the type of thing one should share with one's blog-readers, non? She did eventually wake up and finish her bath. Sometimes that sun is too much to resist!


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