Friday, February 17, 2006  

A Little Help, Please?

Although the temps were in the 60s yesterday, less than a week ago, we had snow. A LOT of snow. It was so beautiful, that I got up at 7 am on a Sunday just to take pictures and enjoy the snow before everyone messed it up by walking in it.

And, coincidentally, I got another little lesson in the differences between dogs and cats.

Cricket's response to the snow? "Ew. Cold. Wet. Back to bed."

Abby's response to the snow? "OOOOOOOO! COLD! WET! OOOOOOOOOOOO! Let's go run in it! And dig in it! Yippie!!!"

I must admit - for most of the day, I sided with Cricket on that one, and enjoyed the snowy day from inside the nice warm house. Since I wasn't going anywhere anyway, I decided it would be a good time to install the zipper in the Ireland Cardi.

First, I laid it out on the table, using my little green cutting board to separate the back from the front so I didn't accidentally sew the wrong thing.

Cricket, hearing the siren song of the Cormo, quickly made an appearance.

Round 1: Cricket (1), Maeve (0).

After a few difficulties in the "cat removal department," I basted the front edges closed with contrasting yarn (leftover sock yarn, in this case.)

Then, I flipped the sweater inside out and pinned in the zipper.

At this point, I cleverly distracted the Great Cormo Hunter with the ball of leftover sock yarn. Much gleeful unravelling of the yarn-ball ensued.

Round 2: Cricket (1), Maeve (1).

This momentary repreive from the Great Black Blob allowed me to baste in the zipper with contrasting thread.

This, however, was about as far as I got.

Side view:

aerial photography supplied by Goodyear...

Yeah - it was clearly time to give it up.

Round 3: Cricket (2), Maeve (1). Victory, Cricket!

So I kept working on my Forest Socks - and managed to finish them at some point this week. Details to come - but you know the basics. Toe-ups, 60 sts, garter stitch rib, size 0 addi's. You know, the usual.

But there isn't much that's usual about the new socks - they are "put on your sunglasses and avoid staring directly at them" kinda bright. They're the ubiquitous jaywalkers - with hot pink, bright orange, and bright yellow, on 60 sts with size 0 addi's. The pink and orange yarns are from the same ebay seller as the forest yarn.

I cannot adequately describe how happy these socks make me... so much so, that since I took this picture on Wednesday, I'm almost done with the first sock.

And speaking of new friends - Abby met Paul at Knit Happens on Wednesday.... they played ball, and Abby gave Paul lots of kisses. :)

K - I'm off to watch last night's olympics. Yes, I've already fallen behind - but just by 1 day. I'm hoping to keep it that way... luckily, there aren't nearly as many winter events, so hopefully I won't still be watching the olympics in may. I just wish I had cable so I could watch curling....

I'm definitely in the running for "Gigantic-ist Olympics Dork."

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