Thursday, April 13, 2006  

How To Avoid Studying for Finals

I have a final in fewer than 2 weeks. I would count the days, but then I would have a heart attack. So yesterday, instead of studying, I gave myself one last afternoon of happiness.

First, I watched Season 4 of Ballykissangel, courtesy of Netflix. Well, I don't know if "watched" is the correct phrase. You see, season 4 is when a certain actor joined the show's cast. In the episode I "watched" yesterday afternoon, this actor had a scene where his costuming notes consisted of "black boxers."

Yes, that is Collin Farrel, and day-um. Let's all enjoy the pre-scungy hot Irishman. I may be re-watching this episode a few more times before Netflix gets the disk back...

After enjoying the view for a bit, I headed over to the Happy Place.

Here's S' big-honkin sock at the start of the knitting festivities...

It sat patiently as I wound my new lovely sock yarn into a nice big yarn cake. Thanks so a certain enabler, I decided to give Black Bunny Fibers a try. I ordered a skein of the sock yarn in leprechaun, and it's so beautiful. Since it's a rather "skinny" sock yarn, I'm hoping it'll work with the beautiful Eleanora pattern, since the pattern calls for 78 stitches!!! Since I usually use 50-60 stitches for most of my socks, I'm hoping this thinner yarn will work. As soon as I finish S' first big-honkin sock and get the second one past the toe, I'm handing them over to him to work on them, and get started. This yarn is so beautiful - I really can't wait!

It was the perfect day to spend hanging out at the Happy Place. Kristine was there (finally!), and yes - there is proof that she is, in fact, alive.

caption for this photo - "Jerby, Well on Her Way to World Yarn Domination, is Temporarily Foiled by Cookie."

And there was other fun and hilarity to be found - as is COMPLETELY un-evident from this photo. Apparently, Wendy, Kristine, and the fabulous Jacinta were having a blast playing "best funeral face ever." Or, there's the possibility that my photography skills suck monkey-butts, and I just can't take a proper photo of what was, in fact, an amazingly fun afternoon.

Things just got better when the famous Ann and Kay came through the door - here they are admiring Wendy's new book. Again, I have no idea why my camera hates people - really, all 4 ladies in this picture are lovely in person.

Ann and Kay were amazing - I loved looking at the items from the book, and am so happy to own my copy. Initially, I thought this was a knitting book I might skip - but I've read over half of it, and I have enjoyed every page. I also have a strange and compelling desire to knit log cabin blankets, but I'm hoping that's temporary. And something great about this book that I don't believe has been mentioned? When you remove the dust-jacket, the cover of the book is still slightly shiny - and bathtub drips just wipe right off. This is important, as this is DEFINITELY a bath-tub book-club pick of the week.

By the end of the day, I felt relaxed, happy, and productive - check out the progress on the Big-Honkin' Sock!

Hmmm - apparently my professors will not be accepting photos of knitting progress in lieu of a satisfactorily completed final exam. Damn.

See you in 3 weeks...

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