Tuesday, April 11, 2006  

Searching for the Fear

This is my last full week of classes. At some point, I really need that burst of "Oh My God, I'm taking a FINAL soon" fear to get me to hit those books. So far, I keep looking at the calendar, seeing how little time there really is, and somehow - no fear. This weekend the studying starts in earnest, fear or no fear.

But until then, there's knitting!

Cherry Blossom Socks

my own - basic toe-up with short-rows, added in a very stretchy lace pattern:
row 1: *k3 p2*
row 2: * yo k2tog k1 p2*
row 3: *k3 p2*
row 4: *k1 ssk yo p2*


50 sts with size 1 needles

I almost managed to finish these during the official Cherry Blossom Festival, but missed by a few days. But still, the perfect color yarn for my favorite time in DC!

And I have PLENTY of yarn leftover - thanks to the lacy stitch pattern, I barely touched the second ball of yarn.

And I've picked out my next sock project - happy koigu in a happy spring color. Pattern to be determined, because currently I'm "helping" S knit his gigantic brown socks. He's done a fair bit on them, but if we wait until he finishes them, he'll be wearing the best handknitted socks in his nursing home. So he knits a bit, I knit a lot, he knits a bit... and K has even gotten in on the action during the brief period when she was (gasp) WITHOUT KNITTING. But don't worry, we've fixed that now.

I'm also still plugging VERY slowly away on the shawl collar of the Debbie Bliss sweater in astrakan - it seriously never ends. I think I'm over 1/2 way there, but I ended up having to buy an extra ball of yarn to be safe. If I can ever finish this, I'll be done with the knitting - all that will be left will be the blocking, assembly (note to self - find coordinating smooth yarn in stash!), and bringing this bad-boy out for its "please don't get too hot yet because I have a new sweater" debut.

Meanwhile, my repeated pleas for help in the "countdown to finals" stress have gone unheeded -

Exhibit A: Cricket

Exhibit B: Abby... and yes, she put her little head on the pillow all by herself. At S' house, she has her own pillow on the couch so she'll be comfy.

At what point can I just give up on the whole studying thing, curl up with the fuzzles, and take a nap of my own?

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