Monday, May 15, 2006  

Must Take Pictures!

But since I haven't, here are some older pics I haven't posted yet. In my defense, the pink Astrakan Cardi just got a bath, so it's drying. But it's finished, and I've already worn it to work, so after the photo shoot, I can cross another FO off the list!

Seaming this sweater was a pain in the @$$... there's no way to mattress stitch this, and there's no way to use the same yarn. So out came a couple of yarns from stash, and my trusty backstitching skills...

Here you can see a close-up of the side seam - I used the darker pink sock yarn on the less visible seams, and the better-color-match-but-thicker wool ease on the more visible seams (collar, shoulders).

The backstitching looks great from the outside though...

I'll save the official project wrap-up for when I actually have photos of the finished object...

I hope my next FO will be the silk shrug. I'm almost done with the last piece - and then I get to add in all of the edgings. I think I'll block before I pick up and knit, though - I have a feeling the silk will relax quite a bit and make the whole edging process much easier. Shut up - I know I should have swatched. Blah blah blah. I like to live dangerously...

I'm also plugging along on the second Eleanora Sock. It's gotten quite the attention at my new job... yep - I started at my summer associate position on Monday (hence the lack of pictures!) So far, I'm really loving it... I think I picked the right firm. First clue? The librarians in the law library knit. How do I know? I was working on the sock while I waited for the training to start, and it was like moths to a flame. I'm working on setting up a lunchtime knitting club, but we'll see. I'm only there for 12 weeks, so it might be tough. But still - KNITTERS!

But since I don't really have any pictures or progress or anything else, here are some distracting dog pictures. But look! Yarn! So it's KINDA like knitting, right?

That's the pork bone we pulled out of the crock-pot pork roast. We froze it, and apparently it was the YUMMIEST THING EVER.

But all of that chewing is really hard work...

REALLY REALLY hard work!

No, seriously - couldn't even wake up for snuggles hard work.

"Can't you people see I'm sleepy?"

So tired.....

See? You've totally forgotten that this was one of the suckiest posts ever. Ah, the power of the cute animals...

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