Wednesday, June 28, 2006  

Camping in the Rain

Last weekend, we ignored the weather forecasts and headed to Shenandoah National Park for a night of camping. My parents, though surely they are old enough to know better, came along.

Everything was going great at first - we set up the tents...

My parents' tent had a little doggy door! It was the cutest thing....

We went for a hike and saw some stunning mountain laurel in bloom...

And we walked back to the campsite in what we optimistically termed "fog." Of course, in reality, those were actually CLOUDS.

We spent a few hours huddled in the cars while a thunderstorm hung out directly above us, but eventually we were hungry enough to brave the lingering rain showers to cook dinner...

Notice that we were fully prepared with both wine AND beer, although we had to be careful to cover the bottles to keep out the rain!

Luckily, neither tent leaked, and we spent a relatively pleasant night. It rained off and on, but waited until the next morning to really unleash another storm. S and I snuggled back in the tent with Abby after a wet breakfast of muffins and mimosas.

On the ride home, Abby discovered the joy of sniffing out the window... she's never done that before! Maybe it was because we were driving so slowly due to the unbelievably thick fog. And trust me - I've lived in the Bay Area and in Santa Cruz, and this was some of the thickest fog I've ever been in.

Eventually, though, the poor little pumpkin was just too sleepy...

WAY too sleepy.....

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