Monday, June 12, 2006  

Random Updates

**random weekend update**

I love where I work - I spent this past weekend thoroughly enjoying an all-expenses paid weekend at this resort with all of my fellow summer associates and a good 'selection' of partners and associates. It was AMAZING. On Saturday, our only full day there, I woke up early, got breakfast, got my hour-long massage at 9, and was on the beach by 10:15, lounging under the umbrella. I didn't start the pina coladas until noon, but then I kept them coming until it was time to get ready for dinner. FABULOUS. I finished a sock, worked on Elizabeth, and read hundreds of pages of a really great book. I'm not sure what I was expecting since I've never really been on a full-scale work-retreat before, but I had a great time.

When I got back home on Sunday afternoon, S and I took the wonder-dog to a local park for a mile hike, and I came home with every intention of doing something productive. Instead, I took a nice, long nap snuggled up with S and the dog. We finally dragged ourselves out of bed and took another long puppy-walk (seeing a pattern here?), grabbed some dinner, and came home to watch a movie.

**random product endorsment (now with 100% more random kitty stories!)**

I recently bought one of these temporary screen doors, and it came last week. It really is super easy to install - you just twist the tension-rod at the top, wedge it in, and velcro it to the frame at the sides. It's not perfect, but it keeps most of the bugs out. And perhaps I'm being old-fashioned, but I love the idea of having the door open... it's great ventillation, but more importantly - it's FRIENDLY. So often, I feel like I'm completely disconnected from my community - I barely know my neighbors since the courtyard is always filled with closed doors and drawn blinds. Maybe my new screen door won't let me get to know my neighbors any better, but at least I'll be able to wave when they pass my door!

The real impetus for the screen-door purchase was to allow Cricket to play outside (outfitted in her updated tags and sexy green collar). There are a lot of dogs in my apartment complex, and the owners allow them to play off-leash sometimes (totally not a problem with me - they really are sweeties, and the owners are out supervising). But since they are off-leash, and many are quite a bit bigger than Abby (think full-grown black labs!), I'm way too nervous to just let Cricket out and shut the door behind her. While she is still fully-clawed, she's an indoor kitty, and I'm afraid she wouldn't stand much of a chance against 4-5 full-grown big dogs, even if they aren't really trying to hurt her. So I always want her to know that she can run inside when she gets freaked. Thanks to the screen door, the bugs can't take advantage of the situation...

So last night, screen in place and collar on, I let Cricket out to roam the courtyard playing "jungle panther." After about an hour, I decided to bring her back in, so I went outside, found her at the bottom of the hill, and picked her up. She began screaming, hissing, and generally acting as if I was actively beating her with something large and painful... but she didn't struggle at all. By the time I got her into the house, I was almost in tears from laughing so hard - S had come running to the door, thinking that Cricket was in terrible pain or something, and here she was, being casually held in one of my hands. What a little diva!

**random dyeing update**

As Chaos and Company pointed out, I can't exactly dye acrylic. D'oh! Talk about one of those moments when you know something, forget that you know it, and then have an "oh crap" realization when someone points it out to you. But no biggie - I have plenty of yarn to start playing with, my books came, and I'm assembling my shopping list. I'm going to throw a bit of the merino/acrylic into a pot to see what happens - maybe it'll do something unexpected but cool, as opposed to unexpected and "straight to the trash." I think my first dye projects will be (1) striping sock yarn with the nature-spun, (2) baby blanket (or animal blanket) yarn with some light silver jaeger merino that I bought ages ago on closeout. I had thought that I could use it to make felted things, but (of course) it's superwash. So I think I'll experiment with all sorts of different colors. But that should tide me over until Knitpicks gets more of its sock yarn in stock...

**random knitting update**

Right. Here's the current knitting plan:

In Progress
  • Mom's Lily of the Valley Wrap
  • Current Sock Project
  • Elizabeth I
On Deck

I'll probably also do something Mason-Dixon-blanket inspired with my first attempts at dyeing.

Next time - will I be able to resist buying "birthday koigu" at KH on Wednesday?



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