Sunday, June 04, 2006  

Woman, In Cute Dress, Saves Bird

Eleanora Socks


Merino Sock Yarn

Next time (and oh yes, there will be a next time!)... start with 60ish sts. I used size 0 needles. But I LOVED these socks, and have gotten more compliments on these than on any other socks I've ever knit. The pattern was complicated enough to keep me occupied, but easy enough to memorize.

And now for some non-knitting adventures -

Last weekend, we treked over to the parents' house for some Memorial Day festivities. Little did we know how exciting it would be -

This little guy must have fallen out of his nest. You can't tell from the picture, but he's only about 6 inches off of the ground. My parents have a cat, and Abby was over, so we had to do something!

So S got a napkin and gently pried him off of his tree...

He wasn't entirely sure he liked this huge, feather-less wierd bird, but he was pretty calm...

And then we got out The Ladder... this tree is TALL. I don't know where the nest was, but we wanted to get him up into the crook of the tree so there would be somewhere for him to hang out until he got big enough to fly. S, however, is not so good with heights. So apparently that was my cue...

Here you go, little buddy!

We all felt pretty happy about that, and hope that he has done well in his temporary little perch. He was pretty big, so hopefully he was really close to being big enough to fly...

But Abby was NOT amused. She could not understand how we could be such terrible hunters...

Once all of the animal rescue excitement was over, we got down to "work" - making homemade ice cream.


K - I should go get my knitting organized - my firm is sending me to New York for the day tomorrow to do some research, and we all know what that means.... that's right - 3 hours of knitting time EACH WAY on the train tomorrow. I may manage to finish Lily of the Valley, and maybe some more socks....

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