Tuesday, September 05, 2006  

Bad Blogger!

Argh! I've been such a terrible blogger lately - and the only excuse that I can offer is that sometimes life gets a little boring what with law school classes, running a law review, working at the knitting store, etc... , so you decide to use all of your spare time to plan a wedding. My goal for the week is to nail down a reception site. We've already got the church (and several possible dates), so hopefully it'll get "settled" pretty soon and I can start relaxing a little bit! But first things first... I bought the "Wedding Knotebook" - nothing like a pretty, blank notebook to make one all excited about planning!

And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your amazing comments and well-wishes - I am beyond thrilled, and am so excited. But you guys have to collectively promise me that if when I decide, a few weeks before the wedding, to knit an unbelievably complex cobweb lace shawl to wear over my dress because it "might get chilly", you'll give me a collective "come to your senses" slap. Because we all know that otherwise I might be walking down the aisle attempting to cast off while holding a bouquet. Which, although likely to be hilarious, would also be a little insane.

Plus, this weekend we were rained out of our camping trip, and then had a sick puppy to fuss over. We've taken her to the vet and gotten her some antibiotics, but she's definitely not 100% yet, so there was LOTS of snuggling and sleeping, and boiling chicken and making rice.

But enough with the excuses - I am a few ends away from a fabulous FO, and I promise actual knitting pics soon. In the meantime, here's my latest knitting "to do" list:

  • finish Elizabeth I
  • finish Beara peninsula Vest
  • finish Lilies of the Valley
  • finish Silk Shrug
  • finish Cindy's Chuppah squares (October deadline!!)

My goal is to finally finish off these projects so I can start a new sweater with a clean slate. Perhaps it's all of the planning S and I are doing regarding moving in together, what kind of house we eventually want to buy, etc... - I look around at all of my "stuff" and have an overwhelming urge to de-clutter. I'm trying to run with this urge as long as possible - the dresser and under the bed have already felt the wrath of the goodwill bag... my closet may very well be next!



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