Friday, September 29, 2006  


The theme for this post is "pictures I found on my camera." It's a common theme here Chez-Musing, but if I waited until I had a truly well-thought-out post, I might never update. So Random Pictures it is.

Last weekend, I finally succumbed to the beautiful orchids at Trader Joe's (I love Trader Joe's. Pumpkin Beer is beyond amazing.) BUT ANYWAY, here's my new "little friend"...

Since I took this photo, the last bud has opened. It's beautiful!

Cricket has been enjoying the mild weather - we open the front door, stick on her little collar, and let her explore the great outdoors. She likes to pretend she's a fierce jungle panther.

Oh, look - knitting! I've "finished" both sleeves of the I-Cord Cables sweater, and I blocked one to make sure my swatch had mostly told the truth about the amazing growing powers of the silk-wool blend. The unblocked sleeve is in the front... and it looks like my "1.12% growth" was about right. I'm making some fairly major changes to the pattern (I know - the shock!) - basically, I'm switching the sleeves to raglans, and I'm modifying the neck. I haven't had the time to sit down and do the math for the raglan shaping yet, so I've been stopping every piece at the armpits. I've "finished" both sleeves and the front, and just cast on for the back.

And finally - Cricket helped me put together the Ikea mini-wardrobe thing that I bought to hold all of my sweaters. (Note - I have a LOT of sweaters. A LOT. I may have to rethink the size of this wardrobe.)

See, Mom? I'm helping.

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