Wednesday, October 18, 2006  

Random Things that Make Me Happy

(in no particular order!)

Knitting Podcasts

I've been a long-time listener of Cast-On, and am consistently impressed with the quality of this 100% free podcast. I can't imagine that any of you haven't given Brenda a listen, but just in case, please do check her out. She's consistently funny, warm, and entertaining, and her podcasting efforts just keep getting better and better - both in terms of content, and in terms of technical abilities. And a quick, personal note - it took me awhile to catch up with all of the back episodes (I am absolutely incapable of jumping into a series in the middle. I must start at the beginning and work all the way through). So when I was listening to like 6 episodes in a row on a day trip this summer, I found myself wishing that there was some way to support Brenda with $$. I'm a firm believer in "voting with your wallet," and found myself thinking that the enjoyment I was getting from each episode was at least worth $1 per episode. Unfortunately, at that time, she didn't accept donations. By the time I got to episode 25, however, she had decided to accept paypal donations - so I promptly donated my $1/episode. Obviously, each of us must make these decisions for ourselves, but I encourage everyone to seriously consider tangibly supporting those of our peers whose efforts result in a product that we value and enjoy. After all, free is NOT the same as worthless. Okay, done with my tangent.

In other knitting podcast news, I finally checked out Lime and Violet. Although I'm only 2 episodes in (see above note re. my anal-retentive inability to start in the middle of a series), so far I'm really enjoying the casual banter between the two hosts. Also, I'm guessing that, like Cast-On, this podcast will continue to improve.

Yummy Smelly Things
This past series of Cast-On was sponsored by Dame Candle Company, so, being a gigantic sucker for all things yummy and smelly, I decided to order some. I ordered the Tarts and the little burner-thing. I got 12 different scents to try, which is good because she offers like 26 billion different scents, and I would have had no idea which to pick - and since her candles last for something like 60 hours, I didn't want to commit myself to smelling something for that long if I didn't like it. Luckily, the tarts only last 6-8 hours, so even if a scent isn't my favorite, I can still use it up. So far, all I've tried is grapefruit - wasn't my favorite, but that's probably because I much prefer flowery smells. I have high hopes for the other scents, and will DEFINITELY be ordering more tarts when I use these up. And who knows - I may actually like a scent enough to order an entire candle!

So what random things make you happy?



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