Sunday, November 05, 2006  

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

I've been feeling recently that I'm working like crazy, and still only barely managing to stay caught up. School is insane, and finals are just around the corner - and the journal is a huge time-suck. I'm managing to have some (probably too much) 'relaxing' time, but it's definitely at the expense of future insanity. Oh well - such is life. And all things considered, my life is fantastic, so I should probably quit my whining.

So onto the knitting - yesterday, Erin and Carolina and I broke out the dyes and got busy. Our attempts at handpainting were SO much better than our first attempts a few months ago ... I dyed three different colorways of sock yarn. This one is my favorite:

And in this one, I successfully dyed "tone on tone" with different shades of rosy pinks/reds...

And this is my "boy yarn" for S. He's very excited at all of the browns and greens...

And yesterday, a group of Irregulars headed on a "Stitches Field Trip." Like Carolina, I was, overall, disappointed with the vendors as I would have liked to have seen more small, independent vendors rather than so many yarn stores. However, I did find a few cute things, including the adorable "lambscape" in the bottom corner -

And I also bought a new knitting bag from this etsy seller, and I love it - the chicken is SO happy. And yes, I bought a tape measure to match, but technically the tape measure is for S since he likes chickens so much, so it's not really THAT bad, is it? Wait, don't answer that.

And I have been knitting here and there - currently I'm working on Eunny's Chuck's Cabled Socks. I've had to start these socks approximately 2 billion times before I finally got everything correct, but now I'm loving them...

And finally, in a nice segue between the knitting content and the cute pet content, here's where Cricket hung out yesterday while we all dyed yarn (well, when she wasn't trying to eat Erin's roving) -

Okay, and now to the cute animal pictures.

The Great Wuss-Out of 2006

The weekend before Halloween, S and I tried to squeeze one last camping trip in before it got too cold. We set up camp, had a lovely hike run to Elkwallow for lunch and then back - about 4 miles round trip. We saw the beautiful fall foliage. We commented that it was starting to get a little windy, so we went into the tent to give someone a chance to take a nap (she won't sleep outside of the tent - too exciting!) It was starting to get pretty cold, so we snuggled her all up...

After a nice nap, Abby woke up and decided it was time for tummy rubs...

"I'm cute! Rub my tummy!"

After another walk, we decided we'd better go ahead and cook dinner before it got dark. It was so windy that our food was literally being blown off of our plates, so we ended up sitting in the back of my car to eat. At which point we realized that it was SNOWING. With winds of 40-50 mph. So, mostly because I made grumpy noises, we bundled everything back into the car and came home, had hot chocolate, and took a nice hot bath.


Thanks to the lovely folks at Trader Joe's, we got one of the biggest pumpkins I've ever carved - it was almost 2 inches thick! Luckily, we figured out what we could do with all of the extra pumpkin pieces... she also really likes squash.

And on Halloween Night, we took Abby to the doggy halloween happy hour in Old Town. She went in her bumblebee costume, and even though everyone thought she was adorable, she didn't really love the whole costume thing. In fact, she hated it - see the look of death she's giving me??

Ok - time to watch football and eat the homemade dried cherry biscotti I just made (verdict - good, but not GREAT. I'll have to keep experimenting.)

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