Sunday, January 21, 2007  

I'm the Boss of My Knitting

Way back in 2005, I knit this sweater. It's a simple top-down raglan out of cascade 220, and I thought it would be a great weekend sweater. And it would have been, except... well, it's a little too short. Both the sleeves and the body needed just a bit more length for me to be able to wear it without doing the "tug it down" dance.

On Friday, I was going to wear this sweater. I put it on, wore it for awhile, and decided it was too short. Instead of taking it off and stuffing it back in the wardrobe, however...

... take that, knitting!

MUCH better. I think I'll wear it this afternoon.

In other news, apparently I've strained the tendon on the bottom of my right foot (at least that's what the doctor-of-dubious-competence at the student health center said). She also told me to, among other things, ICE MY FOOT for 20 minutes, twice a day.

She wants me to put what on my what? Does she have ANY idea how hard I have to work to keep my feet from turning into blocks of ice? This is SO not fun.

I'm still plugging away on the Rogue Cardigan assembly - my goal is to have it finished to wear on Wednesday. I might get it - depending on whether the zipper arrives on Monday or not. I'm thinking it'll take me 2 days to put it in, so if it doesn't come until Tuesday, I might not have time to finish everything up.

And now for something completely different - cooking! The other night, S got all inspired and made this SUPER yummy lemon-y indian chicken dish. It was one of the best things he's ever made!

And for my part, I finally had to figure out how to make banana bread to use up the over-ripe bananas I've been saving in the freezer. I checked my standby cookbook (How to Cook Everything), but there was only 1 banana bread recipe, and it included coconut (ew!). So I was complaining to my roommate about how I couldn't believe that we didn't have a banana bread recipe, and she pulled out this cookbook from her grandparents' church...

8, count them 8, banana bread recipes. And that's not counting the banana muffin recipes. Of course, I had to doctor it up a bit - I added vanilla, and more nuts, and chocolate chips, and I used cream instead of milk.


Unfortunately, because of the chocolate chips, Abby couldn't share. So she retaliated by taking my spot on the couch...


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