Thursday, January 04, 2007  

New Year, New Beginnings

It's a new year, and I'm trying to start with a relatively clean slate. I'm cleaning out my inbox, backing up all of my photos and documents, and working my way through the "must finish before classes start on Monday" list that I've managed to mostly ignore until now...

Knittish tagged me AGES ago, but I'm just now getting around to it! Here's my 6 weird things...

(1) I am a strictly go-in-order girl. If there's a series of books? Have to start with #1. Ditto on tv show-dvds etc... If I (gasp) can't find book #3, I am totally incapable of reading book #4 until I do.

(2) I flip through magazines from back-to-front. Not sure how this works with #1, but I never claimed to make sense...

(3) I used to be a classic night-owl and thought that waking up before 9 was some form of torture. Now, I very rarely sleep past 8, and usually am up before 7. Gone are the days when I was all productive from like midnight until 3... now, if I don't get my work done before about 2 pm, I start losing brain cells rapidly and by 6 I'm approaching useless. This was really great when I worked in IT, but perhaps not-so-great for the law firm. We shall see.

(4) I hate coffee in all of its manifestations. I hate drinks with coffee in them, coffee ice cream, coffee-infused cakes (tiramisu? ick!). I even hate any drinks made with Kahlua. But I like the SMELL of coffee, and I liked the milkshakes a high school friend made with Ben & Jerry's White Russian ice cream. Go figure.

(5) I'm a DC-native - born at GW back when the old hospital hadn't been blown up into a giant rubble-field. But I've never actually lived in DC - I grew up in Maryland, and now I live in Virginia. (This may not seem weird. But pretty much everyone who is from DC seems to move by the time they hit their 20s, so most people around here aren't from around here.)

(6) My hair doesn't stay curled - no amount of hair spray/gel product will keep my hair from straightening back out. This was extremely inconvenient in high school when I was in plays/musicals that called for curls. I used to have to re-curl between each scene. And those fancy up-dos for prom or whatever? Yeah, not happening. But I am not complaining - I don't own a hair dryer, and I was able to spend 5 days in Ireland without a hair brush without looking too awful!

Instead of tagging people, please - help yourself. It's actually really fun to try and think of things about yourself that you want to share with the internets and that are kinda strange.

In other news, I need to take pictures of my latest knitting. But for the moment, I'm going to stay away from pictures and cameras and computers - yesterday I got the new card reader for my new camera - camera hasn't come yet, but the card reader did! So, thinking that I was all smart and helpful, I noticed that my roommate's camera had the same type of memory, and that I could use the new card reader to transfer her pictures for her. Or instead, to somehow corrupt the memory card with ALL OF HER CHRISTMAS PHOTOS ON IT. I'm not sure what happened, but it was AWFUL. She was so amazingly sweet about it, but I felt so terrible. Luckily, $30-something later and THIS wonderful program got back all but a couple of the photos, and even got back the movies she had made. I've never been so happy to see photos show up in my entire life... And afterwards we were talking, and remarked that it wasn't as bad when you lost a roll of undeveloped film (back in the days when you, you know, had actual FILM) - because you didn't know what pictures you had lost! But here, we had SEEN all the pictures, so the loss felt more real. (Oh, did it ever!) And I guess it's good that now we have the data-recovery software should anything like this ever happen again (knock on wood), AND we both got freaked out about backing up our pictures, which is good because I really should put everything on my external hard drive more often - but I still think I could have used the lesson say, with pictures of knitting instead of with my roommate's irreplaceable Christmas pictures.

So yes, me and the camera are going to have a little time apart today. Unless, of course, my new camera arrives from UPS, in which case all bets are off...



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