Sunday, January 28, 2007  

Oops, I Cast-On Again!

Carolina - no pressure or anything, but...

... and it's good. Really good. Love me some lace good. Not that I'm trying to peer pressure you or anything, but everyone's doing it.

And in other equally exciting knitting news, there may be some Rogue zippering in the works - I did my basting, I pinned in my zipper, and thanks to a day with my butt parked firmly in front of the tv (except for dog walking and rug-steam-cleaning breaks), the zipper is 1/2 installed. I'm going to fire up the latest (and long awaited!) edition of Cast-On today and finish it up.

I'm also going to go pick up my wedding dress... I won't tell which one in case certain people who aren't supposed to know accidentally click on some links, but I'm very happy with my choice, and I'm equally glad to have it taken care of!

On Wednesday night at the Happy Place, I happened to glance over at the computer to see this scene:

The first thing that popped into all of our minds was "p*rn"... and, of course, we were (mostly) right - that, my friends, is what happens when you start pulling up knitting patterns on the internets around a bunch of other knitters. The sound effects were eqully funny - "oooooo! I like that!" "mmmmm, not really doing anything for me..." and so forth. Ahh, good times...

On Friday, I spent some "good times" (hah! almost a segue!) dyeing up some more sock yarn - I'm still not totally satisfied with my results. I usually end up with yarn that I like, but it's very rarely exactly what I had in mind. I'm hoping that I can take a workshop at MDS&W to get some more pointers. I'll take some pictures of the finished products once they dry (and once the sun comes back out!)

Of course, while I was dyeing my little heart out, I was fully supported by the entire crew. Abby made sure my spot on the couch stayed warm...

... while Cricket made sure that Abby's spot on the doggy-bed stayed warm.

There may have been a small failure to communicate, however, as Cricket did not seem to be interested in Abby's attempts to sit on her doggy bed. In fact, she seemed pretty much unphased by even the full force of the puppy-dog eyes.

Do I look like I would be interested in a smelly, dirty doggy bed? Please.

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