Saturday, January 06, 2007  

Stupid Law School

It's my last weekend of winter vacation - Monday sees me back at school and trying desperately to care about all of the work I have to get done. January and February in particular are going to be pretty rough, mostly due to a Moot Court competition I'm headed to at UCLA in February... in the next few weeks, I need to finish (perhaps start?) the brief I've been avoiding all break... that lovely green binder is chock full of all of my research. The brief will not be great - I've already accepted that. But it does need to get finished...

Speaking of finished, here's another photo of Grandma with her new lap blanket - because Grandma is so freakin' cute! Plus, she'll be 94 next week. 94!!! I'm sincerely hoping I got some of those genes...

Right. Perhaps this entry should have been titled "totally incapable of segues." Or perhaps next time I shouldn't write a blog entry before 8 am... on a Saturday... (1 guess as to what I got up early to do. I'll even give you a hint... it starts with "write" and ends with "brief"...) So anyway, apropos of nothing, check out what happened on my bed the other afternoon. I may have been "writing my brief" by watching a movie on my laptop and knitting... and I may have had some help! This is a HUGE step here in the "Cricket needs to get over herself because Abby is moving in soon" household... usually, Cricket gets all pissy when Abby is over and promptly leaves a surface (bed, couch, etc...) if Abby gets too close. But this time, Cricket held her ground and everyone had a lovely nap. Incidentally, this situation is exactly why S and I will be purchasing a new king-sized bed once we get all settled. How is it, exactly, that a combined 40 pounds of fuzzy-animal can take up more room than humans weighing 3-4 times as much?

And finally, knitting - which I have (of course) been doing WAY too much of in my attempts to avoid the dreaded brief-writing. There may be two Rogue Cardigan sleeves...

and check out that skein of yarn on top - it's Koigu kppppppppppppppppppm... I knew that my "dye-pot accident" colorway looked familiar! I accidentally created a colorway that is astonishingly similar to a koigu colorway. Now if only I could recreate it ON PURPOSE...

and I'm moving right along on the body - I have pockets! Well, I'll have pockets as soon as I get a zipper, finish the front, and sew up the front edge. (Note to self - you'll need to buy a zipper. You might want to order one...)

And in even more exciting news, the lovely and amazing Carolina SPUN ME SOME YARN!!! I'm so excited that I can't even stand it. It's mostly? all? angora, and it's so soft and beautiful that I just want to pet it and snuggle it. See?

And I tried to take a close-up, but it was a little, ummm, not-bright this morning when I was taking the picture, so the colors are a little off... they're better in the first picture. I was going to just leave the skein on my desk and pet it all day, but Cricket decided that she needed to bite it in preparation for all sorts of kitty-hijinks, and I had to put it away.

And finally (and again, randomly) - Holly - this one is for you. A t@rget trip for under $20... and I swear that I didn't get back in line to buy more stuff. And incidentally, am I the only one who finds it funny that I bought 38 pounds of cat litter for an 8 pound cat?

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