Friday, February 16, 2007  

Finally, a Weekend at Home!!!

After spending the last 2 weekends travelling, I'm very excited to be spending the entire 4-day weekend at home. The only thing that will get me out of the house today is my massage appointment at 1, and then my exercise class later (assuming either (a) I can chip my car out of the ice in which it is encased, or (b) S drives me there). Otherwise, I have a date with some doggy snuggles, as many pots of tea as is humanly possible to drink, and some lace. Specifically, this little beauty here:

... which is now much MUCH bigger (this picture was pre-lots of time on airplanes). I'm done with the main body, and am currently on the instruction that tells me to "pick up and knit 240 stitches along the long edge." ARGH. Double ARGH. I HATE HATE HATE picking up stitches, so this will take some serious motivation. I would say some serious alcohol, but I'm not over the cold I've had for the last week, so I'm thinking that I'll have to attempt to pick up a total of 480 stitches stone-cold-sober. Triple ARGH.

In other somewhat-related-to-knitting news, I ordered a lot of 100 spools of thread from ebay - they came all the way from India! This is what the box looked like when I opened it...

... and this is what it looked like once I had re-arranged it all by color. I think there are a few duplicates, but it was under $30, and this way I should have MUCH closer matches for zippers or buttons.

And finally, to remind myself that this time last week I was warm and could see the actual ground (green things - wow!), here are a few pictures from LA -

view from our balcony looking at the pool/fireplace

me IN the pool - it was heated, otherwise it would have been just a teeny bit too cold.

my favorite little girl at Santa Monica Beach... look at that beautiful hair!!!

Kati and I enjoying the, ummmmm, natural blow-dryer in Santa Monica...

And can someone please explain to me how I just got kicked off of MY couch by a dog? And why MY bed is currently covered by a cat?


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