Monday, February 05, 2007  

Painful Re-Entry

Quick PSA - S and I now buy Abby Pedigree canned dog food because of this ad campaign:

Seriously. Watch the ad and try to get through it without crying. And please, if you're thinking of getting a pet, check out the shelters and rescue organizations in your area. Both Cricket and Abby are shelter animals, and I couldn't imagine sweeter pets.

We now return to our regularly scheduled randomness.

On Friday, I was here:

Getting this:

In these temperatures (it got hotter, but I didn't go back and take a picture!)

Today, I'm freezing my @$ off despite being inside, wearing a parka, and sitting right next to the radiator in my freaking cold office. (and yes, I know that temps in the single digits and teens are not really that cold. S' family lives in Minnesota - in fact, the day that we were getting sunburned in the 80s, it was literally 100 degrees colder at his brother's house. But still, it's COLD.)

But before I get to the fun and excitement that was my completely rain-free weekend in Florida, I'll briefly stick in some knitting content to make sure the whole "knitting blog" label is at least nominally relevant - here are two skeins from my last dyeing adventure. I was going for browns with shades of maroon, but I think I overdid it on the reds. I still love the colors, though, so once again, a happy accident in the dyepot!

Right. That's all I've got for knitting content, so feel free to ignore the rest - especially if you're in a really cold place and will experience strong feelings of rage when confronted with pictures of sunny and warm...

The weekend was lovely. I got to really properly meet S' mom and stepdad (and, perhaps as important, his doggy Barney!) We really only had 2 full days, so we spent one of them in the Everglades.

Of course, no southern roadtrip is complete without stopping for breakfast...

And on the way there, I had to keep my eyes out for Cricket, who apparently crosses the highway for 4 miles... (and I thought she just slept all day!)

We went to Shark Valley, where we rented bikes and spent about an hour riding along the trail before I decided it was just too hot, and that I would officially wuss out and make us turn around...

Don't I just look SO happy?

But actually, it was great. I was just not dressed properly for the temperatures, that's all! And take careful note of just how wide that trail is...

... because frankly, I never thought I'd be this close...

And another fun moment? I posed for this picture with this big guy in the background.... (look just above the puddle)

Only to have him come over, swim through the storm-drain thing under the trail... (hint, that's his tail, and perhaps his posterior, but really, I don't think we know each other well enough for me to be putting pictures of his lady? man? parts on the internets...)

And then, when I was standing by the other end of the drain to catch a picture when he came out, he decided to just chill. Right underneath my feet. (Don't worry - that picture IS zoomed... just not as much as I was hoping.)

And look! Babies!!

There were tons of birds and other animals, but I'm attempting to not overflow the "internet pipes" with too many pictures, so I'll restrain myself to posting this little guy - maybe the rock was a little warm for his little feet? And how slowly do you have to move to actually grow moss on your back? Is it wrong that part of me thinks that being lazy enough to support a moss-colony should be a life-goal?

And later, on the way home, we went on a little boatride into the Gulf of Mexico, where we saw lots and lots of birds. I love this picture - especially since it was an accident - my finger slipped and I took a photo without meaning to!

And finally, here was the sky overhead - it was so beautiful.

And FINALLY finally, in a rare guest-pet appearance, here's Barney, S' doggy from home. Barney is 13, a rat terrier, and loves squeeky toys, long walks, and getting his head scratched. Although he is currently single, he's been "fixed," so sorry ladies! (speaking of, wouldn't he and abby have made such adorable puppies?)

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