Thursday, March 01, 2007  

The Scale Doesn't Lie

The lace is currently sitting in a corner, thinking about what it's done. I'll explain in a minute.

But first, happier news... I finally took the other pics of my latest attempts at boy sock yarn.

S is still "on the fence" about this one. It's purple and black, overdyed with gray. I think it's muted enough for boy socks, but we're still deciding. Obviously, he wouldn't wear these with a suit, but I thought with a pair of jeans, they'd look fine.

This one was much more successful - navy and green overdyed with gray. As I complained last night, it's BORING - but S loves it! I just cast on with it last night.

Tonight, I'm jetting off to the International Sunport (and environs) for a mini Spring Break, and the only knitting I can pack is my current sock in progress because both of my other projects are waiting for next Wednesday's date with the dye-pot. Specifically, the cormo needs a bath in a light orange, and I need to dye some laceweight.

The talented and loverly Elspeth suggested that I knit up a repeat of the edging, weigh it, and see if I have enough yarn. Here's 1 repeat on the scale... the scale isn't registering anything because 1 repeat in laceweight apparently doesn't weigh anything.

So I unravelled my repeat and I measured out double the yarn to see if 2 repeats would weigh something.

So it took about 1 gram for 2 repeats. I have 84 repeats total, with 72 repeats remaining to do.
72 * 0.5 = need an additional 36 grams to finish.

I have (duh duh duuuuuuuuuuh....)

3 grams.

Dude, so not even CLOSE to close. Luckily, I have like 44 grams of undyed (plus more light blue that I could overdye) - so I'll have to attempt to match my random dye process to get something that looks even remotely close. I'm thinking that if all else fails I'll overdye the whole thing with a coat of darker blue just to match everything up.

I went ahead and skeined up my precious remaining yarn to be ready for dye-day, because if this project stays in the corner much longer, the whole "finishing this up" plan may be in jeopardy.

But look! I can actually finish something - presenting the Huge Honkin' Socks...

How long are they? Well, in a pinch, they'll serve as full-arm sock puppets. Who may (or may not) become aggressive unless restrained.

Let this be a warning - 2x2 ribbing on size 1 needles for 72 billion rounds brings out the crazy...

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