Tuesday, April 24, 2007  

I Should Be Studying

But I'm not. SIGH. In my defense, I did take a final this morning...

So anyway, I'm going to pretend that I don't still have 2 finals to take (lah lah lah lah lah), and instead I'm going to distract myself with new yarn, some knitting, plants, and some cute animals. Probably in that order.

First, new yarn - 5 skeins each of the superwash tweedy sock yarn and the superwash non-tweedy sock yarn from KnitPicks. Why the superwash? Let's just say that, despite S' very careful washing and line-drying of his multiple pairs of hand-knit socks, at least one of them has now felted enough that they fit me. And my feet are considerably smaller than his. Luckily, they fit me really well, and are SUPER comfy for keeping my feet warm while I pad around the house. So although the knitting wasn't wasted, I'd love it if S' socks lasted more than 2 months... hence the superwash. My first impression of the superwash is very favorable - it is REALLY soft. I'm not sure about the tweedy bits - they seem awfully bright - but I'm hoping they'll look neat after a trip through the dye-pot. I'll probably do a dye-pot adventure in a few weeks, so I'll keep you posted!!

And in other knitting excitement, I cast-off my black Picovoli last night. And then tried it on, realized that I really did need to add a few more inches even though I had already added a few more inches, and so I had to rip out the cast off, rip out the 7 rounds of 1x1 rib I had done on the cuff, rip out the purl turning row, and put the whole slippery, black mess back on the needles. SIGH. (Not that this compares with the stitch-ripping insanity of SOME PEOPLE...)

So currently I'm in the process of lengthening the bottom and then I'll re-knit the cuff. I know - WHEEE. But I think this sweater will be useful in 2 very important ways - (1) using up yarn that I've had in stash for way too long, and (2) providing me with something cute to wear to the office under a blazer or something. I always do appreciate the hand-knits I can actually wear!!

See these daffodils? I love daffodils. Lots. S, knowing this, bought me some at TJ's and then planted them for me so I would see them when I came home from studying. Of course, he had to drag me back outside and point at them so I'd notice them because I'm dense like that, but you can see them from the dining room table, and they make me so happy! Plus, we can get all excited next year if they re-appear. When we buy Abby and Cricket's house, we're going to plant ridiculous numbers of daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths.

And remember how helpful Cricket was when I was re-potting the herbs? Here's the result - I need to buy another pot (or maybe 2) because I had to split the sage into 2 pots - there was literally no soil left- just roots, poor plants! And since my MDS&W list includes 4 basil plants and a thyme plant, I'm not sure where they'll fit. ALTHOUGH - (genius grant please), maybe I can plant the basil straight into the ground (since it'll die at the end of the season anyway), and use my pot for the thyme. HMMMMMMMMMMMM. The oregano and mint are very VERY small parts of the old plants - both grow like crazy, so I thought I would try to fit a little more soil in the pot by just replanting a tiny part of the old plant. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have to buy another oregano or mint plant (but really, is it even possible to kill mint?)

Today, it's another hot one - temps in the 80s. It's really lovely, but a bit hot for the furry princesses...

Abby's been really tired (plus, we gave her a bath last night, and it's really traumatic to suddenly lose like 2 pounds of dirt from your fur!)...

... and Cricket has been alternating between going out on the front steps and rolling in pollen, and sitting in the bedroom window looking pretty. Seriously - when she saw me with the camera, she posed. Such a ham...

Right. Maybe I'll continue to study by making another pitcher of mango iced tea. Because that's sure to show up on my upcoming Computer Crimes final.



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