Tuesday, April 03, 2007  

My Love for Clotted Cream

So thanks to more of Erin's organizational capabilities, I joined another group of knitters (and 1 stubborn hold-out, who was lovely and understanding despite being outnumbered 3 to 1) for a road trip to the British Pantry and Tea Room in Aldie, Virginia. Words cannot express how lovely this place is - the scones were delish, the tea was yummers, and the clotted cream... wow. Perhaps this picture of Erin will help to explain how we all felt about the clotted cream.... that dish was full when we started, and there were only 4 of us. I'm definitely hoping I get to go back - hopefully for the full tea with sandwiches - we got there too late in the day for more than the "cream tea" with the scones. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

The next night I headed over to the Happy Place for some knitting hijinks - the only project I took was the body of the Refined Raglan. I had already cast it on and completed the hem when I realized that, given the thicker yarn, I really needed to do the front/back in pieces and sew up the side seams. I happily provisionally cast on 1/2 of the eleventy-billion stitches, knit knit knit, and prepared to join the hem.

See anything wrong with that picture? Let's try a close-up -

D'oh!!!! After all of that effort, I had to rip out the joining row and try again. But the good news is that, since this picture was taken, I've since finished both front and back, and I'm a few rounds into the massive yoke. I'm excited to start the cabled patterning at the raglan seams after all of this stockinette!!

Right. So that pretty much takes care of the knitting content for the post. Ready for some randomness?

And no, it wasn't clotted cream this time - but check out how excited Erin was over the gift of homemade mac&cheese from the lovely Elspeth. It may be a coincidence that I happened to pick up a box of elbow macaroni last time I went to the store...

And here you see the beautiful trees in bloom along St. Asaph street in Alexandria. Spring is definitely here.

With Spring has come hotter temperatures - here's Abby trying the "frosty paws" doggy-ice-cream. She's not a huge fan, but maybe as an occasional treat... Abby's food preferences are pretty funny. She's an 'all-natural' doggy - she likes beef jerky, or liver, or dried chicken - but not dog biscuits or cookies. She doesn't like "fake bacon" or other manufactured treats. She does, however, love acorn squash. And carrots. And, as I discovered last night, oranges (but not the rinds - just the orange). Oh, and edamame. I just don't get it!

Cricket, meanwhile, decided that she would sleep on my DPN case. The DPN case, I might add, that's full of sharp, pointy DPNs. She has an entire soft, squishy bed to sleep on, and she picks the DPN case. She slept there all night, and only got up for breakfast. What a weirdo!

And the final proof that spring is here? This is what happens when you brush a cat during the "spring shed." Too bad I don't spin!!



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