Wednesday, May 02, 2007  

The First Day of Freedom

Just about exactly 24 hours ago, I walked out of my last law school exam ever (knock on wood because I suppose it is possible to fail...). It is not nearly as satisfying as my last high school or college exam, mostly due to that whole "bar exam" thing I am supposed to pass in July, but that's ok. Between today and May 30, I am FREE.

Yesterday, I celebrated my freedom by "helping" my amazing roomie make guacamole. From scratch. And by "help," I mean that I ran to the store for the jalapenos, cilantro, and limes she wanted. And I drank a beer while she made the yummiest guacamole EVER. I had it for a snack, I may have also had it for dinner last night, and I may have accidentally spilled a few gigantic spoonfuls on my scrambled eggs this morning. And I refuse to comment on that rumor that guacamole may feature prominently in my lunch plans.

I also celebrated my first day of freedom by moving all but 1 piece of furniture in my bedroom, vacuuming the pounds of cat fur that had hidden themselves behind and under things, and generally rearranging everything in preparation for some furniture purchasing this week.

The whole thing began with the removal of my trusty desk, which had seen me through middle school, high school, and now law school. I'd moved it twice, and was planning on moving it to a new home in my parents' basement to wait for when it would be called upon to serve again.

Unfortunately, "Deskie" was having none of it. "I'm made out of particle board, and there are only 4 screws holding me together. Seriously, you have sturdier cardboard boxes. I'm out."

This was as far out of the corner as he got before he suffered a near-total structural collapse, and retired to the dumpster.

But once Deskie was gone, I had room to relocate the bed...

and by Friday night, that bed will be replaced by the new king-sized bed S and I will be buying since apparently all of the furries think they need to sleep with us. (And can someone who studies physics please explain to me how, exactly, 40 pounds of combined dog and cat can take up an entire full sized bed?)

Cricket decided all of the vacuuming, furniture moving, and general carryings-on warranted a nice nap in her kitty tower, where hopefully the vacuum wouldn't find her.

Soon, Cricket's pathetic little kitty tower will be replaced by a gigantic kitty tree, because S didn't think it was "fair" that Cricket didn't as many beds as Abby. I swear, these have got to be among the most spoiled pets in the universe!!


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