Friday, May 11, 2007  

Sheep and Wool, Day 1

I know, I know - Sheep & Wool was a week ago. And one would think, given that I'm done with classes and am "a woman of leisure," that I could manage a few posts here and there. But I've actually been busier than I've been in a long time... but that's for a later post.

Part of the reason that I've been putting off this entry is that it was just so big... I took over 150 pictures, and how do you choose just 1 adorable sheep! But thanks to the furry alarm clock, I woke up at 5:40, so I figure this is the morning to go for it. I uploaded some photos, split them into a couple of entries, and am going with the tried-and-true "here are pictures I found on my camera" theme.

So I had a very successful sheep & wool - I got everything on my list, and I stayed in budget.

Mostly because my list/budget looked like this:

1. Cormo....... $ however much it takes.
2. Soap for gifts..... $20.

I may have bought just a little cormo. Which I promptly added to my already-healthy cormo stash. I haven't had the heart to add up all the yardage yet, but I may finally have enough cormo to knit the cormo I bought LAST year. What - you don't need to have a certain amount of "security-cormo" in your stash before you'll knit any?

Apparently Holly's list included lots of Socks that Rock - I tried to convince her that she had actually bought a few of these as a gift (for me, cough cough!), but she's WAY too smart to fall for that. And it's surprisingly difficult to snatch a skein of yarn when someone is hugging it.

I saw these displays in one of the barns - perhaps, in another setting, these could be cute. But when I saw them all in a row like this, all I could think of was that some taxidermist got a delivery of mutant, multi-colored, three-headed sheep.

Luckily, the real sheeps and goats were adorable and single-headed. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I tried to think of a clever segue into this next section, entitled "First Lunch of the Day," but there really isn't any non-disturbing way to transition from cute sheep to yummy lamb. But I've always thought that if I'm going to eat meat (which I do,) I can't be squeamish about where it comes from.

And then there was the food. Pit lamb on the bbq, baby! (I had one of those sandwiches for second lunch.) First lunch, at about 10 am, was the amazingly delicious lamb sausage, modeled here by Erin...

... and then some funnel cake, modeled here by Kati, who really wishes I would stop sticking my camera in her face and would instead help her eat the pile of fried-goodness that is the funnel cake.

Fortified by our, ummm, "snacks," Kati and I headed over to the sheepdog demonstrations... my favorite part of the festival (besides, of course, the cormo!) S and I are so disappointed that we won't be able to go to the 2007 National Sheepdog Trials because we'll be just back from the honeymoon, and about to get on a plane for Minnesota...

"Yippie! Here come the sheep!!"

And after a successful demonstration, Scott-the-sheepdog ran over and sat in his water container. He did the same thing the next day too, so apparently he just likes to cool down after his workout!

This is what happens when you stuff a teeny little bit of cormo, a tshirt, and some soap into a very large backpack. (This was during SECOND lunch. It was a good day.)

Kati was feeling a bit down (maybe due, in part, to the fact that I dragged her out of the aerobed in my living room approximately 3 hours after her head hit the pillow. But one cannot be late to Sheep & Wool lest one miss out on the cormo!) So despite being sleep-deprived, Kati was a trooper, and I figured that looking at cute sheepies can't fail to make you feel better, so we headed to the barns.

baaah baaah black sheep!

Whistling innocently... I may have accidentally picked up business cards for 2 local cormo dealers farms... Wooly Booly Cormos in Bristow, Virginia; and Angel Crossing Farm in Damascus, Maryland.

That, my friends, is my entire index finger stuck in the fleece of this beautiful sheep. I don't believe I had actually touched the sheep either - his coat was that thick!!

Awwww - little chocolate lamb!!

Elspeth was a complete b*tch who spent 1/2 her budget, found amazing yarn, and managed to not accidentally buy an entire sheep's worth of cormo (despite racing me to the booth!) She was very tempted by a new spinning wheel, but apparently her wheel at home could tell she'd been shopping around, so it decided to behave. Also, as a side note, I managed to NOT rip that skirt off of her and steal it. But only because I'm knitting my own skirt in Rowan Denim (and I have the blue hands to prove it!)

I got this for a steal at a basket-weaver's booth... I think my mom will love it, and since her birthday is coming up soon, it just seemed like a no-brainer. In fact, I may give it to her early - it's very delicate, and I'm concerned that it'll get damaged in the great-furniture-rearranging of 2007... (more on that later!!)

The sum total of my cormo stash. Well, except for the leftovers from my Refined Raglan. Cat included for scale...


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