Wednesday, May 16, 2007  

Will I Ever Catch Up?

I am definitely busier since classes ended than when I was still in school. Speaking of school, I have now officially passed all of my classes, so I'll be graduating on Sunday. WOOT!!

But LAST Sunday, after S and I left Sheep & Wool, we collected the doggy and headed to the National Arboretum because S felt guilty that she wasn't getting enough "weekend time." I love the National Arboretum - it's free, it's not too hard for us to get to it, and, if you stay away from the most popular sections, it's a great place to just wander around.

We saw a whole field filled with lilac bushes... unfortunately, most were past their peak for blooms... but next year, I'm definitely going to try to visit earlier!

We also found a great place for a photo...

After leaving the Arboretum, S and I headed to our second Ikea of the weekend... we were looking for a particular king-sized bed frame and mattress, and had struck out at Ikea #1. We couldn't just give up on Ikea because we needed a bed frame/mattress combo that would be low enough for Abby... she is definitely NOT supposed to jump down off of high surfaces (too great a risk that she'll injure her remaining front leg!), and all the other beds we've found are WAY too high. So S hit the phones, and they put what we wanted on hold at Ikea #2. We arrived, they printed out our "cash and carry" ticket, they called the warehouse to confirm that everything was there, and we headed to the checkout. Where the little machine kept saying "request not available." About an hour later, thanks to the above-and-beyond efforts of Kim, whose attitude was "how can we get these people their bed," we wheeled our new bed and mattress out to the car. And then spent at least another hour tying the mattress within an inch of its life in order to survive the trip up 95N.

Another hour of assembly, and only a LITTLE bit of swearing...

And in other bed news, Abby has the most luxurious recycled dog-bed ever... I was trying to figure out what to do with my old featherbed from my full bed. I had folded it up and dumped it in the living room before (I guess) throwing it away... but Abby is MUCH smarter than I am, and she figured out a better way to re-use and recycle!

I'm planning on completing the recycling project by making a cover out of one of the full-sized sheets.

Earlier this week, S called me, all excited, from his morning doggy walk. I just HAD to come outside, cross the parking lot, and check out the "huge birds" that Abby had chased off of the trash cans!

I'm really glad that by the time I got there, the birds were up on the roof. I don't think I'd like to meet a couple of these guys up-close and personal!

And finally - the project(s) that seem to be taking all of my time.... S and I bought some unfinished furniture (no more particle board!), and I've been staining...

... and putting on protective finishes.

One dresser (the largest) is completely done. The smaller dresser is stained, and will get its protective coating tomorrow. The armoire will hopefully get finished next week... but next week, my roommate is moving out, S is beginning to move in, and we have cleaners coming on Wednesday. So it'll be fun.


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