Sunday, July 29, 2007  

Dirtiest Doggy Ever

I shudder to think about the google hits I'll get from that title. But let me explain and sum up the last few days...

First, the baby kimono got all dressed up and went to live with the expectant parents, who were reportedly very pleased. Once again, BEST PATTERN EVER. Thank you, Mason-Dixon!

Then, I spent Friday afternoon at the place of happiness... and got to debut my 2 finally finished picovolis!!

I was wearing a black one, but couldn't tear myself away from Henry to get someone to snap a picture. I'm thinking I'll stage a little photo-shoot later this week.

Saturday morning, we headed off to Shenandoah National Park for some camping fun... but not until we stopped at a Front Royal 7-11 so that S could grab a Simpsons donut! (Abby wasn't particularly impressed...)

Once we got to our campsite, Abby went right to work. Apparently, she needed to excavate a fairly deep hole, and then she needed to stick her entire upper body into it looking for whatever it was that squeeked and ran under the log. This was stage 1 in operation "dirtiest doggy ever." She had mud clinging to her eyelashes, and her legs were unbelievably dirty.

We took a break from the excavation project to wander around Big Meadows and admire the bumblebees...

... and hide in the foliage. Anyone spot the doggy?

After a little "sniff out the window" break, we headed back to the campsite... only to dig another huge hole, get even more filthy, and took a break so that "I'm not tired" doggy could take a nap.

See? Not tired. At all.

We spend another couple of hours running full speed through the ferns and thickets, and added another subtle shade to the tapestry of browns that had already been ground into the doggy-fur... Abby thinks she looks great in green...

And Henry? Oh yes, he came camping. But he absolutely refused to get out of the car. Apparently, he has "standards." He wanted "cloth of gold" tents, like he had in France. He refused to "chase after the hound" in the woods, and kept demanding a horse and some attendants. Oh, and he missed his sweet little Katherine Howard...

I managed to placate him with a leg of lamb, a few chickens, and a couple of bottles of wine (he's in his 'I'm not fat, I'm big boned - give me another chicken' stage)... I should be finishing him soon.

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