Wednesday, July 11, 2007  

Whimper Whimper

In 2 weeks at this time, I'll be taking the second day of the bar exam. I think July 26th should be a national holiday. I will celebrate by spending the ENTIRE DAY NOT STUDYING. And then, the next day, I think I'll wake up, take a shower, and NOT STUDY. In fact, I think that every day for the rest of the summer, I'll wake up and NOT STUDY.

Unfortunately, it is NOT July 26th, and I'm in the last 2 weeks of deeply unpleasant studying. SIGH. But at least I managed to write out all of my flashcards last week and this weekend.... all 1100 + of them. I think I pulled something in my thumb, but there is a whole lot less writing, and a whole lot more flash-card memorizing in this stage of studying, so hopefully my hand will get a nice rest. :)

Speaking of "rest" - here's what it looks like at bedtime around here... it's all blurry and black and white because S didn't want to disturb the fuzzles with the flash (sigh) and, in color, the picture looked WAY trippy.

Cricket, when she's not helping me stretch my arms, is helping with a little light dusting around the house... or she's been sticking her head in some corner to tell us we need to break out the swiffer...

Henry (who misses me terribly, I'm sure since I haven't touched him in weeks), did get bigger before he got stuffed in a bag to wait for "Finally Done With Studying Day."

I also may have cheated on Henry just a little bit - but it was for a good cause - cute baby sweater! (I know - there are other baby sweaters out there. But this pattern is SO AWESOME!)

Why yes, this IS the 3rd baby kimono I've made. I see no problem with that. I can stop whenever I want to.... as long as no one else I know is expecting!

And finally - we bought a bird feeder a few weeks ago - and it's the most popular bird feeder in the neighborhood. The little sparrows line up on the cement wall to wait their turns - sorry for the bad pick, but I had to take it through the window, because they freak out if you open the door. Both Cricket and Abby like to watch "bird TV"!

Back to studying. Will be back July 26th.

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