Tuesday, October 16, 2007  

A New Project Goes Camping

Last weekend's getaway was lovely, and much-needed. It gave S and me a chance to really talk about what kind of life we want to build together, and ways we can realize our dreams. I think that when the campgrounds are open, S and I need to plan to go once a month for that opportunity to connect with one another (and the puppy) without worrying about cell phones, chores, tv...

The fall foliage wasn't quite out last weekend (perhaps due to the temperatures in the 90's that we'd been having just a few days before?), but the air was brisk and a few leaves were making an appearance...

... as was an EXTREMELY dirty doggy! She loved the cooler temperatures, and ran over 4 miles on a hike, with just a few stops to sniff and dig for exciting squeeky things!

Meanwhile, I decided to practice my "trip over my own feet" routine and gave my knee and hip a nice scrape/bruise combo. At least I had the presence of mind to NOT put my hands down to break my fall, so at least I didn't break my wrists or something! Plus, Cricket (being a sweetie) has already distracted me from my various bruises by biting my index finger, causing it to swell up rather like a sausage yesterday. Luckily, the swelling is all but gone today, or else I would be at the doctor's right now!

After a day filled with lots of hiking and running, Abby decided to take a nap while we prepared dinner... we had her all set up on her doggy bed to try to keep her a little warmer, but she started shivering as the sun went down and the temperatures fell into the 40's... it took her little doggy coat AND S' flannel shirt to keep the poor little pumpkin warm!

And once it was time for bed, Abby made it very clear where she wanted to sleep. You'll see that her doggy bed is nicely set up in this picture, and that I have a large blanket ready to tuck around her once she gets settled. You might also notice that Abby, after carefully evaluating all of her options, chose S' sleeping bag instead...

It took a bit of convincing, but eventually we all settled down in our own beds for a nice chilly night. It didn't warm up too much in the morning, however, and poor Abby was again shivering in her little coat... I think she warmed up nicely, however!

Oh yeah - and knitting? I'm working on a pair of Christmas gift socks. It took me a couple of false starts before I got a proper number of stitches, but it's smooth sailing now - I'm much MUCH farther than this picture, but I don't want to post too much because I'm not sure if the recipient is a reader!

And thank you guys for the words of support - it's definitely been a tough re-entry into the working world, but overall I'm really lucky. I have a tremendously supportive husband who has been able and willing to pitch in and be there for the end-of-day hugs, and together we're slowly-but-surely figuring it all out. Plus, Abby makes sure I get my exercise in, and Cricket does her best to remind me of the importance of health insurance!

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