Monday, November 05, 2007  

Playing Catch-Up

I finally got around to downloading the photos from my camera, and I realized that I hadn't taken one single picture of the 2 pairs of baby socks I completed. Of course, since I was in a rush to get them to my mom so she could include them in the "welcome baby" package she was sending to the new parents in France, I've already mailed them off. All is not lost, however, as I am currently making 2 more pairs to keep in a drawer for those "oh goodness, I didn't know you were expecting" moments, and I'll make sure to take some pictures then.

This weekend, S and I went camping - it was a trip we had planned to coincide with the bar results. I figured it would either be a celebratory trip, or a chance to distract myself... luckily, it was the former! It was definitely getting chilly, but the leaves were beautiful and it was a perfect weekend. I'm saving the pictures for the next post, though .... (ooo, cliffhanger, I know!)

Well, since there aren't any pictures of knitting, or any pictures of camping, or any pictures of S and I getting sloshed on Friday with the celebratory bottle of Asti Spumanti I brought home, what ARE there pictures of?

Like you even had to ask!

Here, Abby demonstrates that she and Cricket have been sharing secrets, including the patented kitty strategy of "lie on the papers until they pet you."

Meanwhile, Cricket (red circle) has been hard at work - she takes her "Bird Supervisor" role very seriously!

When they aren't hard at work watching birds or weighing down papers, Abby and Cricket assist in the blocking process. Abby just supervises, but Cricket periodically checks to see if the sweater is dry...

Can you believe that Cricket wouldn't ever get on the same couch as Abby?

Down comforter - 1. Abby - 0.

Down comforter - 2. Abby - 0.

Most spoiled doggy ever.

What S couldn't eat because "the doggy was too cute to move." Abby evenutally realized that there was bacon in the room and consented to move in exchange for a nibble.

We have 3 couches in our apartment. Notice who's sitting on the floor...

And finally - proof that we did, in fact, manage to carve a pumpkin in time for Halloween!

Thanks so much for all of the congrats - I'm so excited that I never have to take a test like that again!



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