Sunday, November 18, 2007  

What a Week!

S and I spent nearly all day yesterday looking at houses and neighborhoods and thinking and discussing. With a decision this big, it's so hard to know...

Plus, I'm coming off of quite the week at work. It's not that there is anything wrong with the job or the people or the environment, but I am in the position of knowing that this, specifically, is most definitely not what I want to do for the rest of my life... but after 6 weeks, one can hardly walk away and feel as if one has given it a fair shot. So I am trying to muddle through, and do the best I can without sacrificing everything else in my life... but trying to keep a positive attitude each day is a challenge. And without a positive attitude, there is no way I can make it through the year plus that I have promised myself I would give this job. SIGH.

In the meantime, there is much cuteness chez-Musing. Here is an example of what bed-time looks like each night, and an excellent illustration of why we needed to buy a king-sized bed...

And here is an illustration of what happens when you sit down. Be warned - get the remote, your drink, and anything else you might need BEFORE you sit down... the animals are firmly in charge, and they don't appreciate being disturbed!

And for no apparent reason - beautiful fall flowers I bought at TJ's. They last forever, and they are simply stunning...

Oh, right. This was supposed to be a knitting blog. Well, here are a couple of finished objects...

Baby socks - same 2 pairs that I made for my mom to send to France. These are emergency socks for the next time I need a baby gift at short notice.

And the rest of the finished socks are Christmas gifts, so I won't write much about them, and the pictures will be behind the link. If you are related to me by blood or marriage, don't click!!

Finished Socks 1

Finished Socks 2

Finished Socks 3

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