Saturday, January 26, 2008  

Big Girl P@nties

I have a friend who used to say that when life gets tough, you have to "put on your big girl p@nties" and deal with it. This has been a month for the big girl p@nties.

S' family continues to recover from the horrific health issues they've struggled with so far this year - and we're really grateful for any good news that comes our way from Minnesota.

On the home front, we lived like this for a bit at the old place:

Abbers was NOT pleased with our new concepts in interior design...

... and then we lived with these fine, hardworking folks for a day...

... and then we lived like this at the new place for a bit...

But slowly and surely things are finding places to live, and the boxes continue to get broken down and placed lovingly in the back of the truck to find a new home at our old apartment complex, where someone is always moving out and poaching boxes. And don't I look like I'm having SO MUCH FUN unpacking?

To be fair, I really don't mind unpacking. What I do mind is the job that is requiring me to work at least one day each of the last 2 weekends (including this one). (See note re. big girl p@nties, above!)

On a much sadder subject, I have to announce the demise of a long-term relationship - Cricket and Spongebob have broken up. Spongebob, apparently, is not meant to be a "one-fuzzle" kind of pillow. Promptly after being unpacked last weekend at the new place, Spongebob already had an assignation all arranged...

As far as I know, Cricket hasn't spoken of or to Spongebob since. Luckily, being a resilient little kitty, she's already found her new lover...

the floor-level heat vent.

See, in our old place, the ducts for the central heat and air had been retrofited at ceiling level, thereby depriving Cricket of a chance to absorb 95% of the furnace-output. Thankfully, in the new place, we've fixed that particular problem, and Cricket now spends approximately 21 hours a day curled up in front of various heating vents.

The other great thing about the new place (among many great things?) I have my own Mr. Washie!!!! I do a little happy-dance each time I run a load, or wash my sweaters without filling up the bathtub...

Speaking of sweaters, I've been knitting away at the Union Square Market Pullover... I'm about 30 bind-off stitches away from finishing the last piece of knitting!

I can't wait to seam this up and add another cashmere sweater to the rotation.

Plus, all of the stockinette on size 2 has been a perfect complement to the crazy stressed life I've been dealing with lately... so perfect, in fact, that I've upped the ante.

I'll be knitting my next sweater in stockinette on size 0 needles. Any guesses?

Here's a teensy little hint...

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