Tuesday, January 01, 2008  

Looking Ahead to 2008

2007 was quite a year. I graduated, got married, took and passed the bar, was sworn in as a lawyer, started a new job, and bought a house. Perhaps it is to be expected that, with all those changes, I've felt overwhelmed the last few months.

As 2007 drew to a close, I concentrated on getting a better attitude towards the stresses and complications caused by my new job. I'm a first year associate in a big law firm, and 3 months has been enough to convince me that I am not cut out for the stress and fast pace of this career path. My biggest resolution for 2008 is to accept that I have to struggle through what will doubtless be a challenging year at work. My goal is that, this time next year, I am looking forward to that next step, whatever that may be.

Finally, the end of 2007 has given S' family some serious challenges. On Christmas Eve, his stepfather suffered a heart attack. Just as he was recovering at home in Florida, we received word on the morning of New Year's Eve that S' brother Scott had been in a serious accident - he had been riding an ATV without a helmet, and when it flipped, he suffered severe head injuries and was in critical condition. We're cautiously optimistic as Scott has survived surgery, and was able to squeeze hands when spoken to. S flew to Minnesota last night.

Looking ahead to 2008, I hope that I can find a way to be at peace with the demands of my job, and that my plans for "what happens next" succeed. I hope that the move to the new house on January 20th goes smoothly. I hope that S and I continue to figure out this whole husband-and-wife gig. But most importantly, I hope that next year, we are celebrating the holidays with healthy friends and family - most especially S' stepfather and brother, who are starting the new year facing challenges that can't help but give me some much-needed perspective.


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