Tuesday, February 26, 2008  

Must Post More Often!

Life is finally calming down now that the house is more-or-less set-up. I still have that "I wish I didn't have to" feeling each morning when I leave for work, but I've felt more "in-control" of my life and have consequently felt less overwhelmed by the challenges of each day.

Most importantly, I've found a little time to hang out with some knitters... knitters who understand the joy of finally frogging back a mistake, only to realize that the whole "fix" just took a few minutes!!

Wooot! Erin discovers the joy of finally frogging her mis-shaped sleeve cap!

I also had a lovely Valentine's Day, complete with a surprise flower-delivery at work - the first time S has sent me flowers! I was kinda expecting him to show up at home with some flowers like he usually does - it was such a thrill to get the delivery at work - I had such a silly grin on my face for the entire day!

Speaking of "silly," S wondered if I had perhaps lost my mind the other weekend. We were eating breakfast at the Silver Diner in Arlington after dropping off our old apartment keys, and I spied a beautiful Aran sweater on another patron. I had brought my camera in case we needed to take pics of the old apartment for some reason, and so I naturally proceeded to take pictures of the sweater. Isn't it lovely?

And please, there's nothing strange about stalking sweaters in the wild, right?

Cricket, of course, prefers to stalk sweaters in the more civilized confines of the basement. Her supervisory skills were much appreciated as I finally gave the finished pieces of the Union Square Market Pullover a quick steaming to block out the edges. Who knows - perhaps I may manage to finally seam this thing up eventually!

Don't worry - it's not all work for the animals - they do get the occassional break to explore the sunny spots on our front porch...

... and to investigate the napping possibilities of the new "yarn window seat" I constructed out of my trusty modular bookcase pieces.

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