Monday, June 30, 2008  

Holiday Weekend - Just in Time!

Supposedly the whole "tired all the time" thing is supposed to let up as you move into the second trimester. For me, though, it's been pretty much constant - never so tired that I can't function, but I always seem to feel like I got about half as much sleep as I should have! It definitely makes the later part of the afternoon "interesting" at work, to say the least! Luckily, I've been doing a decent job of getting in earlier, working my @$$ off and getting in as much work as possible before my brain just completely shuts off. I've been posting decent (although not spectacular) billables and have gotten some kudos on my efforts - so hopefully I'm moving in the right direction. I'm really hoping I've found somewhat of a routine that will carry me through the next few months. I figure I have a maximum of 21 weeks left, including this week, before I head off to maternity leave... obviously, given my track record, they may be asking me to head out the door sooner!

This past weekend was loverly - we ran our normal weekend errands on Saturday (farmer's market, grocery store, etc...), took Abby to the chiropractor-vet for a much-needed adjustment, and got to spend a lovely afternoon celebrating my mom's birthday. Abby is SO cute with her vet - she has the "good" vet - the one who gives her a massage and makes her feel so much better, and the "bad" vet - the one who gave her shots and vaccines and blood tests! She gives the "good" vet kisses and wiggles like crazy when she sees her... the "bad" vet? Not so much. We don't know what is going to happen when she has to get a shot at the "good" vet - we've only been going there a year, and the only shot she's had has been a heartworm test - and the "bad" vet had to do it because we couldn't get to the other vet soon enough! I'm guessing Abby will be VERY upset when her lovely snuggle-friend gives her an owie!

Since the heat seemed to sap my energy even more than usual on Saturday, we had rather a relaxing day on Sunday. I made an amazing turkey sausage-lentil soup to reheat for dinners this week, did some laundry, watched some soccer (go Spain!), and generally recovered from the previous week. I felt quite strongly, however, that the weekend was ENTIRELY too short - and am desperately counting down the days until the 3 day weekend coming up!

I also knocked out a knitting project - my mom had asked for a replacement "dusting mitt" - kind of like a thumbless mitten with a bunch of yarn ends hanging off to pick up dust around the house. I asked her to show me the one she has now - made by my Great-Aunt Irene who sadly is no longer up to making another (she's in her late 90s and struggling with her health). My mom had patched that poor thing so much that I think there were more patches than original yarn. So I dove into the stash and used the leftovers from the last baby kimono - superwash wool and a wool-acrylic blend - to cobble something together. I think it'll be great - now I just need to take a picture, wrap it up, and send it off!

I hope that everyone is having a good start to the week - let's all think "good thoughts" together and get the weekend to come faster!


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