Tuesday, August 19, 2008  

A Long Overdue Update

I really need to develop a better routine for taking pictures, uploading pictures, and blogging. You wouldn't think it would be so hard, but somehow weeks go by and all of the blog fodder stays firmly inside the camera!

For example, here are the sheepie squares laid out in their final configuration. Of course, I've finished knitting the remaining squares, but haven't taken any pictures. SIGH. My game plan for this project is to finish weaving in the ends and blocking the last few squares, and to begin sewing the squares together into a blanket. As the weather gets cooler, my plan is to pick up and knit a narrow black "frame" around the sheepies (probably in some version of moss stitch or garter to prevent curling). Then I'll do a wider green border, incorporating the sheep dog panels. I may finish it off with a narrow band of the navy... or perhaps not! We'll see how it shapes up. But since the remaining steps require me to pay attention (sewing and picking up stitches) AND require me to have an entire blanket resting in my lap (knitting the borders), I'll be getting back to this one in the fall - after the Olympics, and after the weather cools down.

Speaking of weather, we've been having the most beautiful and mild August I can remember. Usually August is synonymous with "hazy, hot and humid." This year, however, we've spent most of the month with the windows open and the air conditioner off! It's been a wonderful treat.

In fact, a couple of weekends ago we took advantage of the weather to have a picnic at the National Arboretum. It was spectacular...

... and, of course, Abby came and kept us company (and closely supervised our sandwiches!)

We even got her to (almost) pose with us in a family photo... but it's hard to get her to look at the camera when there are all sorts of birds to look at!

I think we tired her out, however... she barely had enough energy to steal my spot when I got up to use the bathroom! She even stole my pillow... good thing she's so cute!

So what else has been happening? I'm well into my second trimester, so I'm feeling SO much better (not that I felt too terrible in the first trimester, thank goodness!) My appetite is back with a vengeance, so I've been eating like an oinker! I'm finally gaining a little bit of weight, which makes my doctor very happy.

One thing I am NOT eating, however, is the nasty lime jello that I made for S. S, being for Minnesota, seems to have a very different relationship with jello than I do... I think it is gross. He thinks its yummy, especially with whipped cream (I refused to buy cool whip). I guess you can take the boy out of the midwest, but you can't take the midwest out of the boy...

Oh! And we took pictures from Abby Come Home Day last week - proof that she did, in fact, get her Doggy Chicken! Of course, my camera's shutter speed is only so fast, so by the next frame most of the chicken was gone...

And I've been knitting away on my "Scotland Project" (oops!) Ok, so we don't leave until next week. But I ran out of Olympics/metro knitting, and besides, baby sweaters are just so freaking cute I can hardly stand it. I decided to go with the cardigan (thanks for all of the suggestions!). I've done both sleeves...

... and am well on my way to finishing the body. I think the finishing will have to wait until after our trip, however, since I'll need to steek and do other somewhat fiddly steps.

I'm really racking up the "finish these at home" projects - I need to steek and do the bands on my dad's vest, sew up the sheepie blanket and do the borders, and I'll need to assemble the baby cardigan. Plus, I still have another bumper to sew, as well as 3 fitted sheets. I'd better get cracking on all of that - especially as we've started to dismantle the second bedroom/craft room in preparation for the Little Monster, and I'm about to lose my nice, sunny sewing spot!

And don't worry, even though Abby has tended to get more "blog time" lately, Cricket is holding her own in the household as "Alpha Kitty" - but her schedule is packed at the moment, what with all of the hard-core napping...

... and "clothes that no longer fit over the baby bump pile" supervising. She'll be so sad when we box up her bed all of the clothes and put them in the attic!

Whew! That was quite the update. I hope I'll get off my butt and update before our trip next week - we leave next Wednesday for a glorious almost-2-weeks in the Scottish Highlands. I'm so excited!


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