Saturday, August 02, 2008  

So Much To Knit, Nothing to Bring on Vacation?

Ah, the classic knitter's dilemma - I have so many things I want to be knitting, but somehow I have nothing appropriate to drag with me to Scotland at the end of the month. I'm sure I'll think of something - but for now, I'll distract myself with happier thoughts.

First up - proof that we can, occasionally grow something - our cucumber! We're not sure if we're getting any more, and we're not sure if any of our zucchini plants are going to bust out the produce any time soon. The tomatoes did ok, but I didn't stake them soon enough, so they're a little mad at me.

See how many zucchini plants we've got? We're either going to be drowning in zucchini, or it'll end up as much ado about nothing, and winter will come without us seeing any yummy veggies.

We've basically decided that this year is a trial year - we didn't get things planted as early as we wanted, we didn't know quite where the sunny spots in the yard would be (we have a LOT of trees, but had to plant before the leaves came in!)... so next year, we're ready to go for it. Plus, our lovely compost bin should be full of rich, black, nutritious dirt to supplement the lovely red clay that we naturally have here in the mid-atlantic.

Abby, meanwhile, is not so impressed with our foundering attempts at gardening, and wonders why we don't just dig a nice, cool hole in the flower bed and take a nap.

I clearly have learned to listen to the wise and all-knowing dog, although I did convince her to relocate the napping spot slightly to better suit the pregnant lady and the picky kitty. Abby obliged, but wanted to split the pillow.

When I wasn't catching up on my puppy snuggles, I was blocking 10 of the 15 sheepie squares - and I even annotated the picture with the number of ends I've woven in so far! Ugh. I'm now on square 12 of 15, and have been making pretty good progress - and the next steps involve me sewing up all the sheepie squares, knitting some sort of borders, adding in the 6 doggy panels, and maybe another border (I'm kinda winging it at this point because, after all, the pattern is only a suggestion!) But regardless of what I end up with, I will be working in the entire blanket, and won't really want to drag it around on vacation. So that's out as a travel project!

I'm also just about done with my dad's vest - I need to cut the steeks and knit the neck and arm bands. Also not worth bringing on vacation.

I'm guessing I'll end up knitting socks for S or something. Perhaps I'll get all wild and crazy and knit a baby sweater... I'll have to take a look through the pattern books and see what jumps out at me!

I also have finished 2 of the 3 baby-crib-bumpers I'm making out of a few yards of fabric and some old sheets...

I have one more all ready for the final assembly, and then I need to make 3 coordinating flat sheets. Overall, I'll get 3 crib sets for under $40, including the extra fabric and the $10 pattern! I'm really excited to be able to skip out on the super-expensive bedding. Somehow it just seems wrong to spend more on crib bedding than we spent on bedding for our king-sized bed!

In other baby news, we had another ultrasound this morning - everything is looking great, and we successfully avoided any mention of gender. And apparently I might be in for some fun - the Little Monster's legs are aimed at my bladder - so any day now, it'll start with the kicking and boy will I feel it! I'll try to scan a picture tonight!

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