Tuesday, September 30, 2008  

Actual Knitting!!

Perhaps this is the beginning of that infamous "nesting" phase, or perhaps I'm just getting tired of all of the piles of unfinished knitting projects lying around... but I'm trying my best to work through the rest of them!

My one success so far - I've actually completely finished the Little Monster Aran!! I'm really pleased with how this one turned out - the sweater itself is based on a baby sweater from Inspired Cable Knits, but, since I didn't like the cables in the original, I substituted cables from one of Elspeth Lavold's Viking Knits books.

I also busted out the sewing machine and steeked the Little Monster Dale of Norway... I've since attached both sleeves and done one of the button bands. I need to tidy up a bunch of the seaming (Dale patterns are nothing if not finishing-intensive!), pick out buttons, and polish this one off as well... but I've been in a wicked head-cold fog since Sunday, and didn't want to risk screwing something up. Perhaps this weekend!

And finally, the Sheepie Blanket is progressing - I've sewed each of my 3 strips, and have done one of the side borders. I'm in the process of doing the other side border now.... I may go back and re-do the green border, as I ended up picking up too many stitches, causing the border to flare out a bit at the edge. So if I do a better job the second time around, I may go back and do a fix... we'll see! I think I'm going to have to start taking this one with me on the metro to make some real progress, but I don't want to pick up stitches on the train, so I'll keep it at home for the moment.

So I have 3 major projects I need to finish up - the Dale, the Sheepie Blanket, and my dad's vest. I think I can make it!

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