Tuesday, October 28, 2008  

Cough Cough!

Well, it's actually more of a headache, but I couldn't think of a sound effect for "headache." Regardless, it's given me an excuse to take a sick day and hopefully to finally be able to take a much-needed afternoon nap! I'm also planning to watch some netflix and work on the sheepie blanket, bake some chocolate chip cookies, and get lots of snuggles with the fuzzy-butts.

I'm also trying to finally go through some of my photos... trying to order some prints and generally "clear the decks" in preparation for the Little Monster. Also, this way I can take advantage of the faster internet at work to upload photos to flickr! But in the course of sorting through some of the pictures, I found a few from Scotland that I meant to post, but somehow forgot...

First up - a very curious candy bar. It's just a milk chocolate bar - and it's pretty yummy - but really, is this the best marketing idea? Wouldn't you think that women would be a little MORE likely to buy chocolate than men? And does the fact that I ate some of it mean that the Little Monster will be a boy?

And in a similarly confusing label situation, S and I bought this toothpaste in Scotland after running out of the small tube we had brought with us.

Looks normal, right? But this is the warning prominently printed on the back of the tube... how exactly does one get toothpaste in one's eye? And who has done it often enough to merit a warning on the packaging?

Ok. Back to the present! On Sunday, we took advantage of the beautiful day and took a day-trip to Shenandoah National Park. We were originally going to go camping, but the weather on Saturday didn't cooperate, so we got up super-early on Sunday and headed out.

First order of business once we negotiated the road-closures in connection with the Marine Corps Marathon? Stop for breakfast (we hit up a *$'s). S may have slightly miscalculated when he decided he would just eat his breakfast sandwich in the car...

We hiked a short section of the Appalachian Trail and made sure to take lots of breaks to, ummmmm, "enjoy nature." (We think she's hunting a chipmonk, but it also could have been a mole. Or a mouse. Or just something that smelled interesting.)

We stopped at one overlook for a snack of apples and carrots (Abby helped with the apple cores once she finished her carrot!)

And we stopped at a second, spectacular overlook for lunch. The leaves weren't quite changed, but there were enough flashes of color to make it well worth the hike.

On the way back, Abby hunted something in a rotten log... and finally got S to understand that she needed him to break apart the rotten wood so she could stick her nose further into the middle of the log! S can be so dumb sometimes, but those opposable thumbs DO come in handy...

And the end result of almost 3 hours of sniffing out of the car window, followed by a 4 mile hike?

One sleepy doggy.


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